“cheeky cream – no harsh chemicals unlike other barrier creams…”

MiaMoo recently sent out a travel set to trial and review. This was Skye’s opportunity to get involved again as the products are aimed at children and babies containing all natural ingredients.

The travel pack was in a neat little case and included – Muslin cloth, Splashy wash, Fresh locks, Baba oil, Huggy lotion, Spritz and wipe and Cheeky cream.

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All the products in the kit are 30ml, this is perfect to slip in your bag and take out and about with you. It’s suitable for babies, children and adults and all the ingredients have been carefully selected to be suitable for all skin types especially dry.



Baba Oil

Heavenly oil, great for hair, body and baby massage.

I love how MiaMoo state the percentage of the naturalness in their products. The rating for this particular oil is 99.1% – Pretty damned high!

Suitable for all skin types and ages. The products all smell exactly how you expect a baby to smell, they just have that nice clean scent to them that you just can’t buy – Until now!


Spritz & Wipe

A refreshing citrus spritz packed with minerals that has multi uses

A multifunctional product that can be used for de-tangling hair, cleansing, toning and just a general refreshing cooling spray. A lovely fresh smell of lime is the perfect scent for this spray.

98% naturally sourced product puts it as one of the highest in the pack.


Huggy lotion

A non greasy daily moisturiser

The Huggy lotion is suitable for use on hands, body and face. The cream soaks nicely into the skin leaving it soft to touch and flawless to look at. A combination of orange, almond and marshmallow leaves a lovely scent to the skin.

A non-greasy moisturiser is always a winner in my book, who wants to feel sticky! 98% naturally derived. Perfect for smoothing out dry, flaky skin.


Cheeky Cream

A natural barrier cream great for adults and babies

Cheeky cream is a barrier cream helping create a waterproof barrier for hands, face and even baby’s bottoms. No harsh chemicals unlike other barrier creams and isn’t this what we need for our babies skin!?

98% naturally derived. Helping calm the skin and help with nappy rash.


Splashy wash

Refreshing citrus shower/body wash

This is one of my favourites as its fragranced with lemon. Again as with all MiaMoo products it’s suitable for all skin types and ages, it’s great to know you can go to this brand and not have to check the suitability for your skin.

97% naturally derived and suitable for use on skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


Fresh locks shampoo

Soothing shampoo for shiny bouncy locks

Don’t think the product name limits this product, it’s actually suitable for body, face and hair. It also has has natural anti bacterial properties.

Stacked full of goodness such as Aloe Vera, Soya Bean and Vitamin E this is a great wash for all the family.

97% naturally derived. This shampoo does not strip the the body’s essential oils.

Fun family products

I love this brand especially coming from a family background riddled with skin problems and always having to check the ingredients on products before buying. With MiaMoo this would never be something I have to think about as I know all their products are no less than 97% natually sourced and suitable for all ages and skin types.

“The products all have a multi-purpose which is fantastic”

miamoo is a 98.5% – 100% natural skincare range designed for both mums and baby’s. Now I’m not a mum and defiantly have no plans to become one any time soon but the idea of a skincare brand that is good enough for a baby’s bum sounded good enough to me.
The brand is the creation of former Apprentice candidate Saira Khan who herself suffers with sensitive skin. After 25 years of trying miracle creams and trying what must of felt like every high street brand out there she eventually created her own.  She realised a few key finds that although plenty of people suffer with sensitive skin there seems to be a new generation suffering with sensitized skin, caused by the increased pollution and general shift in lifestyle trends. One of her main aims became to eliminate key chemicals found in huge numbers of skincare products and substitute these with key natural oils. So after reading about such a well constructed product I couldn’t wait to see how well all the research actually translated into the world of beauty. Here are my little thoughts:
splashy wash
The lemon oil in the product was such a lovely invigorating scent and I’ve found it perfect for the hazy morning “half awake” showers. A little went a long way as the shower gel foamed up well. My skin felt soft and the fragrant scent lingered on my skin all morning.
fresh Locks
I love my hair, it’s no secret. I spent lots on haircare and I’m rather scared of changing my shampoo for even one wash.  However the natural chemical free shampoo left my hair feeling soft and I did feel a little pleased I was being kinder to my hair. I often spend loads on hair treatments and styling products but often overlook any potential chemicals used in actual shampoos.
baba oil
I had recently been trying out a new cleansing oil on my skin to remove make-up and have been pleasantly surprised. I have always been one of these who presumed adding any kind of oil to skin will make my skin greasy and cause breakouts. I was wrong. Our skin needs oils. The lavender in this product helps sooth my skin and it’s perfect to use before bed so the oil can work it’s magic over night. It’s also useful for more dry areas such as elbows and knees.
huggy lotion
I really never thought I’d find myself using a moisturiser called huggy lotion but I have really grown to love this. It’s a easily absorbent moisturiser and light enough to use on the face. Although it’s a light moisturiser I have still found my skin has felt hydrated on cold winter days.
spritz and wipe
The spritz and wipe makes a fab make up remover or cleaner although I’ve found I’ve used this more as make up remover. It’s gentle on the skin and was sensitive for use on eye make up.
cheeky cream
This cream is a lot thicker than the huggy lotion and takes a little while to absorb into the skin. I found this works better for very patches of skin to help treat little problem areas than as a typical daily use cream. I also suffer from very dry chapped hands and this makes a cute little handbag essential. I’ve found this like a luxury version of sudocreme.

Overall I would recommend the miamoo travel kit, the kit contains everything you need for a full beauty routine and makes for perfect light packing for travel. The products all have a multi-purpose use which is fantastic.


“cheeky cream works wonders and really soothes his face instantly!”

Harry’s all about perfect skin and he absolutely loves being pampered and preened! So when I was given the opportunity to try out some miamoo baby products I jumped at the chance!
Little H has been very lucky in terms of his skin so far and hasn’t suffered from any dryness, rashes or baby acne so I love that miamoo’s products are jam packed with natural ingredients and free of nasty parabens and synthetic colours and fragrances.
I received the Travel Pack which contains splasy wash, fresh locks, baba oil, huggy lotion, spritz and wipe, cheeky cream and a wash cloth. All those delicious products are all contained in a clear zippy bag – perfect for on the go!
Splashy wash is a 2 in 1 bath product that can be used on the face and the body. It smells of citrus and feels really gentle yet cleansing on Harry’s little bod!
We use fresh locks shampoo on Haribo’s tiny mop of hair! It smells of lavender which is actually my least favourite scent but for some reason I really like how it smells on Harry! The lavender also helps to relax and soothe baby to promote a good nights sleep!
After bath time we spritz a little baba oil all over little H’s body.. Not something he enjoys unfortunately! It contains sweet almond and lavender oils which nourish the skin and are perfect for a bedtime baby massage! I am determined to make Harry enjoy this ritual!!!!
I tend to use huggy lotion on Harry’s skin in the mornings before we get him dressed for the day. It sinks into his skin almost immediately leaving it ready for me to put his clothes on quickly before he gets too chilly! It also smells really good!!
The spritz and wipe spray is a fantastic little product which I use to freshen up Harry’s bits between nappy changes! It’s full of really nourishing ingredients which really help to cleanse baby’s skin
Last but by no means least is the cheeky cream which is my favourite product in the whole set! In fact it may be my favourite product that Harry owns! Again it is a multifunctional product, a barrier cream that can be used on face, hands and bottoms!! I mainly use it on Harry’s cheeks as they tend to get a little dry from central heating, wind and the everyday elements that life throws at him. The cream works wonders and really soothes his face instantly!
You can get your hands on a miamoo travel set for £15 directly from their website but because they are lovely people they are offering my readers 10% off – just use the code Blog13 at the checkout!

“I absolutely adore the miamoo packaging, the cows look so cute!”

I was really excited to receive my miamoo package in the post the other day, it came wrapped up so gorgeous and delicately in purple paper with the miamoo logo stuck to the front! I didn’t want to open it until I’d taken photos of the packaging but I could’t resist, I needed to see what was inside!
miamoo was founded by Saira, after suffering from dry sky regularly. I know how she feels as I often have dry skin and suffer from eczema as well, something which Dexter has recently started with. Because miamoo products are free from harsh ingredients such as parabens and sulphates it makes it perfect for using on children too. It’s great that you can buy one set of products which the whole family can use.
One of my favourite ingredients in the huggy lotion is marshmallow extract. That alone makes me automatically love the products, and made with 97% natural products, you know you will be getting the best for your skin.
absolutely adore the miamoo packaging, the cows look so cute!
There are only six products in the miamoo range, but why do you need more? As Saira says, manufacturers do care about profit and make many bottles for different uses containing the same ingredients just to sell more.
There are three steps to using the miamoo range:
1. have an exfoliating wash with the fresh locks shampoo, the splashy wash for body and bath, and spritz and wipe to complete step one.
2. make sure you moisturise with the huggy lotion and the cheeky cream.
3. massage with the baba oil.
The travel kit contains all six of these products in travel size, along with a muslin cloth. The bag is perfect to join me on my trip to London Fashion Weekend! You can pick up the travel pack for £15.
You can get 10% off all the amazing miamoo products by entering code Blog13 at the checkout.


“Very handbag/changebag friendly and a little goes a long way, they last well.

We are obsessive label readers in this house, and when it comes to skincare, even more so. If SLS, parabens or other synthetic chemicals make an appearance, no matter how pretty and appealing the packaging, it’s not coming home with us. So I was thrilled to be offered a chance to review the miamoo skincare travel pack which claims to be as natural as possible and free from parabens and SLS – especially as it arrived just in time for our half-term trip to London.

Miamoo travel sized bottles

I was driving, but still didn’t want to take lots of bags with me and this kit was perfect as it has everything we would need for a couple of days away and I could even fit the toothbrushes in the bag.

miamoo travel pack

I loved the colours and fun design of the packaging and the bottle sizes are perfect. At 30ml each container complies with airline carry-on liquids regulations and the purse is zippable and transparent.

Both girls suffer from mild eczema and I have occasional flare ups as well, so all skincare has to be sensitive enough not to irritate, but clever enough to help the sensitive skin heal if needed. miamoo’s founder, Saira Khan thought the same and having tried most products already available, took the bull by the horns and created her own products which became miamoo skincare. During her research, Saira learnt all about the nasties contained in most commercially produced skincare and took steps to avoid them at all costs. In fact, the miamoo range is clearly labelled with ingredients and any preservatives necessary to give the products shelf-life are as naturally derived as possible.

So to our home test of the travel set.

In the bag are:

miamoo splashy wash

Splashy Wash – a gently foaming body wash with citrus notes to ensure a refreshing experience. We used this most as it meant we had soap to hand when out and about and all loved it.

miamoo Fresh locks shampoo

Fresh Locks Shampoo – a mild shampoo that is perfect for washing little people’s hair with a lavender fragrance to calm and relax. I tried it out as well and was pleased by how clean my greasy hair felt afterwards!

miamoo spritz and wipe

Spritz & Wipe – I tried this on my face to freshen up, but as I still had make up on, found it stung a little (probably from the limewater in it), but Bunny thought it was a great way of cleaning her face and much preferred it to the usual flannel and water method and it also helped with brushing the knots out of Bear’s over-twizzled hair! I also used it while out and about to clean Bear during nappy changes, rather than using chemical wipes or having to seek out running water. This is a fantastic dual purpose spray.

miamoo huggy lotion

Huggy Lotion – this non-greasy moisturiser was effective enough for us all to use to avoid dryness after our baths/showers and wasn’t sticky or watery which meant no delays to getting dressed after we applied it.

miamoo cheeky cream

Cheeky Cream – this has been my favourite of the products. We used this ultra-thick cream on Bear’s sore bits between nappy changes and if I spotted either of them itching, rubbed some into the affected area quickly. Funnily enough, after I’d done it once, they both suddenly developed severe cases of itching all over and insisted I apply more cream. I think they liked the feel of this cream, as well as its miracle healing effects!

miamoo baba oil

Baba Oil – a sweet almond and lavender infused oil for extra moisturising or gentle massage. I wish I’d had this when Bear was small as we used to love our baby massage sessions. Nowadays, she just liked rubbing this into my back, her legs and, well pretty much anywhere! Oh and it’s also a great deep conditioning treatment for hair too!


Miamoo before and after

Of course, the best way to test a product that claims to be for sensitive skin is to try it on some sore bits and see what happens. And as these before and after photos show, the Cheeky Cream really did work its magic as the itchy redness had completely disappeared after just a couple of applications. Which is far better than nasty skin-thinning eczema cream we use normally!

As we were only away for a short time, I have continued to carry some of the products in my handbag to use when we’ve been out for the day or even just out shopping. Their size is very handbag/changebag friendly and a little goes a long way, so they seem to be lasting well.

I am naturally dubious of claims to be suitable for the most sensitive skin, but these products are so natural, they really do live up to expectations. I love them and it would seem the girls do too by their keenness to keep using them. At £15 for the full set, this would make a lovely gift for a new mum, or is perfect for a trip away to have all bases covered. They’re also a great size for testing the products out before buying the full size ones – and then you have refillable mini bottles to keep in your bag when you discover how good they are too!


“I could probably go on for a week telling you about how adorable this brand is!”

The Cutest Solution For Sensitive Skin

I could probably go on for about a week, telling you about how adorable this brand is. Being a graphic designer, I’m obviously a sucker for nice branding, and this ticks all the boxes for me, I love the cute name and the cow illustrations, and then the colour palette and the adorable product names are the icing on the cake. So when I noticed that miamoo were looking for bloggers to review, I just had to apply, plus they sounded like the perfect products for my sensitive skin.
miamoo is suitable for all ages and skin types, and they live by their 3 step plan for preventing & healing dry skin; Cleanse, Moisturise, & Massage. All their products are at least 98% natural and are free from ingredients such as parabens, mineral oil, petroleums, and synthetic colours & fragrances. The set I received is made up of; splashy wash - a refreshing lemon & aloe vera shower gel, fresh locks shampoo - soothing shampoo with lavender & geranium, huggy lotion - a non greasy everyday moisturiser with sweet almond oil & marshmallow extract, cheeky cream - a natural barrier cream for adults & babies, spritz and wipe - a refreshing lime spritz, baba oil - all-purpose oil packed with lavender & sweet almond oil, and a lovely soft flannel, I can guarantee you now that this will be going straight into my suitcase for our holiday in April!
My favourite product would definitely have to be the splashy wash, which smells like a lovely summer refreshing water packed with zesty lemons. After use my skin feels incredibly fresh and soft, and it’s definitely one that I’ll be repurchasing in the bigger bottle. I’ve also added the huggy lotion into my daily routine, as it’s a really good cream to use post shower, it just absorbs so quickly and leaves your skin feeling soft and lovely. I’d really recommend miamoo products, they’ve left my skin feeling fresh, soft and definitely not irritated! They’re the perfect brand if you have little ones too, as the range can be used on the whole family, meaning you don’t need a million and one bottles of various products lying round your bathroom. If you want to try out any miamoo products then use the code Blog13 and you’ll save 10% off your order.


“miamoo sinks in so quickly and has encouraged me to keep my skin moisturised throughout the day”

I was delighted when I was offered the opportunity to review miamoo skincare products. As someone who has had psoriasis since I was a baby and sensitive skin, miamoo really appeals to me. The products are made from 98.5-100% naturally derived products and don’t contain any nasties such as parabens.

miamoo is created by Saira Khan who was fed up of struggling to find the right skincare products for her dry skin. She is passionate about sharing information, tips and advice about dry skin, and has formuated miamoo through her own research and development of the product. Saira uses the products everyday, and the miamoo website has some really interesting inormation about how to look after dry skin.

2014-02-15 09.58.42

I was keen to try the products for myself, as I really struggle to find nice bath, shower, shampoo and moisturisers for my skin. I usually trawl the supermarket shelf for something that smells nice and won’t damage my skin, but usually I have to resort to products with no smells and usually they still contain things that irritate my skin.

As miamoo products are also suitable to be used on babies from birth, I thought I’d also try them on Bubs. I really hope she doesn’t have the same sensitive skin as me, but sometimes her skin can go red, especially on her bum with some wet wipes.

I was sent the travel pack which meant I had a sample of the main miamoo products. It contains:

2014-02-13 19.42.03

splashy wash

fresh locks shampoo

huggy lotion

cheeky cream

baba oil

spritz and wipe

and a lovely cotton flannel


First of all, I loved the packaging. Simple, fresh looking and most of all it was really easy to read on the side of the bottles what they were, and how to use them. The travel pack was sent to me wrapped up in lovely paper – it would be a great present to send to somebody as it looks so nice.

miamoo recommend you follow the 3-steps in order to get the best out of the products:

1. Exfoiliating Wash

Use the splashy wash (in bath or shower), fresh locks shampoo and/or spritz and wipe

I loved these products. The splashy wash smells gorgeous, fresh and lemony. It foamed up quickly and was easy to use on my skin. Bubs used it in the bath, and the bubbles were plenty.

The shampoo again smelt amazing, and the shampoo made my hair feel very soft and it was quite manageable once it was dry. People commented to me that my hair looked nice! With other shampoos, my face goes bright red after use. After using the fresh locks shampoo, my face was noticeably less red and angry-looking – I was very impressed.

The Spritz and Wipe spray was fantastic – I really enjoyed using this. I would use this to clean my face if I was in a hurry in the morning, or to remove make-up (I only use eyeshadow, eye liner and mascara) in the evening. I would think it would be a lovely refreshing spray to use in the summer, or if you felt your face was tired and needed a lift.

2. Moisturise

Using huggy lotion and/or cheeky cream

miamoo-skincare-review-huggy-lotionThe huggy lotion was one of my favourites. It was easy to use, sank into my skin very quickly and it also smells gorgeous! My skin felt very soft and bright after use. I also have a lot of tiny ‘spots’ of psoriasis which are mostly all over my stomach and legs. Using this cream really helped to keep my skin moisturised in between applications of my prescribed cream, and these tiny spots, which were really difficult to apply medicated cream to (as you are only supposed to apply to the affected area – difficult when they are so tiny!) definitely were helped and my skin wasn’t so dry.  I also used this on my face, and it was great – made my skin look bright and fresh. I liked the way the huggy lotion was in a bottle with a pump applicator which meant it was easy to apply direct to skin and then rub in, rather than pour too much out onto your hands!


The cheeky cream is to use on stubborn patches and areas such as nappy rash. This cream is a bit thicker than the huggy cream, but is very moisturising. I thought it was great for bubs’ bottom, when it was a bit red, and I also used it on my patches of psoriasis amiamoo-review-skincare-cheeky-cream-baba-oil-spritznd I also dabbed a little on my lips when they were very very cracked, dry and sore. It’s really fab stuff.


3. massage

Use baba oil

The baba oil is great, easy to massage into the skin, and quick to dry and sink into the skin. Again it smells lovely. Bubs really enjoyed this after a bath. I wouldn’t have thought to massage after using lotion, but it has worked, and also after a bath it really is relaxing for Bubs. The baba oil is also good to dab omiamoo-baba-oil-applicatorn chapped lips, pregnancy stretch marks, hands and nails. I loved the spray applicator for the baba oil too, it meant I could be in control of how much oil I wanted to use.



I was very impressed with miamoo. What I like about the products are that they are versatile, and easy to use – there are so many options for each product, you can use the huggy lotion and the baba oil for example all over the body. They do what they say they will, and I loved the fact the huggy lotion and baba oil sank into my skin quickly, which was great when I was getting ready to go to work – one of my bug bears is waiting for my cream to sink into my skin, so this was a real plus for me!

I have taken some ‘before’ and ‘after photos – here is my face bePicMonkey Collage3fore and after shots – sorry about how bad I look in them – I think you can see a difference in my skin, it looks smoother and less dry, and I think a bit brighter? It definitely feels smoother, softer and not so dry!

I must say that before I had the chance to try miamoo, I was very down about my skin, especially my psoriasis. I wasn’t using my creams very often, and my skin was angry and my psoriasis out of control. One of the reasons was how long it was taking me to apply all the creams and lotions, I have been so tired this past year and I was neglecting my skin as a consequence. Having the opportunity to try these products was the wake up call I needed, and I have been using the miamoo creams, as well as my prescribed creams, as a consequence. The fact that the miamoo creams, lotions and oil sink in so quickly is a real bonus and has encouraged me to keep my skin moisturised throughout the day.

Bubs loved the bubbles in the bath, and the wash and shampoo were kind to her skin, with no redness, and also no tears using the shampoo. It is reassuring to know the products are derived from natural products and do not contain any ‘nasties’. I felt my skin definitely felt and improved in appearance using miamoo products, and most of all felt moisturised and less dry. I will definitely use these again, especially the splashy wash, huggy lotion and baba oil.

One thing I would love to see in the future is a conditioner to go with the shampoo – I just felt that this was missing.

“My favourite thing about the products was the smell. They smelt gorgeous!”

Being a sufferer of eczema and noticing that Jack has developed some slight baby eczema, I am always on the hunt for products that are suitable for our sensitive skin.
  We were kindly chosen to review some lovely products from miamoo. The founder Saira Khan spent many years on the hunt for products suitable for her dry, sensitive skin. Every product she tried, claimed to care for her dry, sensitive skin. Upon discovering that this wasn’t the case, miamoo was born. miamoo isn’t just suitable for people with dry, sensitive skin, Saira says it is suitable for all skin types and ages.
  The product that we were asked to review was a fabulous travel set. It retails at a reasonable £15 and included is mini versions of their products and a super soft flannel. Ideal for taking on holiday with you or a mum to be’s hospital bag!

miamoo’s products come with 3 simple instructions to achieve the best results.

1. Wash
2. Moisturise
3. Massage
  Armed with step 1′s products, splashy wash and fresh locks shampoo, Jack and I headed for the bath. spritz and wipe is included in step 1 and 2 but for bathtime, I decided splashy wash and fresh locks shampoo would do the job.

Jack’s favourite item was most definitely the super soft flannel, he never stopped chewing it before and during bathtime!

  Upon opening splashy wash and fresh locks shampoo I was met with a burst of delicious fragrance! splashy wash ‘brimming with lemon oil & aloe vera’ was soft and bubbly. You didn’t need too much, a couple of pea sized amounts was more than enough to lather Jack in. It spread, cleaned and rinsed really well leaving a lovely scent of lemon.

fresh locks shampoo ‘bursting with lavender & geranium’ was just as brilliant. Only a small amount to wash my little one’s hair and it lathered up lovely. After rinsing I was met with a luscious lavender scent. Our bathroom and Jack smelt divine!

After taking my freshly washed baba out of the bath I was pleasantly surprised at how soft his skin was before doing the next 2 steps. Jack smelt absolutely scrumptious! I will also add that I had tried splashy wash on myself whilst washing Jack and I followed the next 2 steps too.
  Having a very active 5 month old, I found it quite difficult to follow the next 2 steps. Jack wouldn’t keep still and by step 3 he was having a right old tant! Me personally, I would have loved to be pampered and massaged but Jack was having none of it.
  I did manage to apply the products to some areas. Step 2 was the wonderfully named huggy lotion ‘crammed with sweet almond oil & marshmallow extract’. How yummy does that sound! It went on very easily and evenly, on myself and Jack. It sunk in quite quickly and our skin felt very soft afterward.
  My eczema is quite bad at the moment so I used the products on just one area, my wrist. Upon applying the products they burnt slightly and I was a bit itchy after applying the huggy lotion. After applying for 3 days I didn’t notice much difference. I do think my skin would benefit from these products if my eczema wasn’t as flared up as it is right now. My skin remained soft from applying the products.
  Step 2 also included a funky named ‘cheeky cream’. A thick cream ideal for weather beaten hands and cheeks and baby’s bums. I used it on Jack’s neck where it had become rashy from lots of dribbling. Just like the huggy lotion, it sunk in really well and on day 2 I noticed Jack’s rash had cleared up quite well.
  Lastly step 3 was baba oil ‘infused with lavender & sweet almond oil’. As said, by this point Jack weren’t having any of it, I managed to get this on parts of his legs and a bit on his back.
  spritz and wipe ‘overflowing with lime water & minerals’ is a fantastic little bottle with many uses. It can be used to detangle hair, a quick pick me up for your face, a cleanser, a toner and for a quick clean during nappy change. It felt very refreshing and I used it on my hands after changing Jack.
  After doing the 3 steps, Jack smelt absolutely gorgeous from head to toe. His golden hair was so soft and so was his skin. He didn’t feel greasy or dry just completely soft.
After doing the 3 steps myself I didn’t notice a huge difference. I was slightly irritated but again I think this is because my eczema is open (open sores). I’ve used prescription creams for over 5 years so these new products were probably a shock to my skin.
  I love the designs and names on the products, very appealing and our travel set came perfectly packaged. I would recommend miamoo products and I will try the 3 step routine once my skin isn’t as flared up.
My favourite thing about the products was the smell. They smelt gorgeous!
  Overall I would recommend miamoo to people, especially with dry skin. They are fabulous, quirky products and the travel set is perfect for sampling before you go ahead and buy the big bottles.


“After 1 week, skin is less dry, his hair is soft and he smells delicious!”

Jasper tries out miamoo products…



Jasper suffers from baby eczema and dry skin, so using any kind of “off the shelf” i.e popular baby bath products on his skin, has so far a being a BIG no no. So, when I tweeted for some advice on what other mums use, miamoo seemed to be the one that had the most positive results.

miamoo founder Saira Khan, started her research at the tender age of 18, whilst at University in 1998. After years of suffering personal agony with extremely dry skin and unable to find a cure, Saira put her knowledge and passion into starting her own natural skin care range miamoo.

Miamoo products

Jasper is one week in, using miamoo products and I must say I’m rather impressed. His skin is less dry, his hair is soft and he smells delicious! We are trying out their Handy travel pack, which lets you sample all their popular products in one little bag. Perfect for those, like my self, that just wants to try it out before buying the bigger bottles.

Miamoo products

Jasper Tried:

splashy wash 30ml – Body Wash

fresh locks shampoo 30ml – For delicious shiny hair

baba oil – Great if you’re taking baby massage classes

huggy lotion – A body moisturiser for your tot

cheeky cream – Zaps nappy rash

spritz and wipe – Great refreshing spray when your babes nappy is taken off


Great thing about all the above, is all the products are sooooo super kind on your skin, its perfect for a mum-to-be hospital bag also.

miamoo have been very kind and offered all bumpandmeblog.com readers 10% off any full sized products on their website just enter code


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“Skin Saviours!”

miamoo is a a natural skincare company founded by Saira Khan when she was suffering from dry skin herself and trying to source products to help and heal her. Their products are based around a 3 step system to help heal dry skin: Exfoliate & wash, moisturise and massage. You can read more about this, and the story behind the company on the miamoo website. They do a range of different products that can be used on the whole family, and I was sent their Travel Goodies selection to try out on Athena and myself. We’ve been swimming a couple of times over the last month and these are the perfect size to fling in your bag, they come in a handy zipped pouch with a face cloth, and the sizes of each individual item mean they are hand-luggage approved if you’re flying!


IMG_6806 IMG_6807

The spritz and wipe spray is my favourite of the products, it has so many uses; hair detangler, toner, cleanser for babies and as a cooling spritz spray. This has been perfect for the recent hot weather we’ve been having, I’ve used to to clean up Athena’s hands and arms after energetic grape eating sessions, and also to help clean her face. She did have some very light pimples along the side of her face which were a little red, and with a few applications of this instead of a baby-wipe face wash it’s cleared right up!

 IMG_6808 IMG_6822

The huggy lotion is another pretty nifty product, firstly it smells delicious but more importantly I’ve been using it on the dry areas behind Athena’s ears and on her knees, all the crawling often makes them a little red and dry. It can also be used as a hand cream, as a moisturiser to help keep skin supple during pregnancy and even under make up as it is non greasy and really light.


The fresh locks 3-in1 is another super smelling product, with lavender and geranium it an be used as a baby body and hair wash, an exfoliating facial wash or as a calming all over wash for pregnant ladies. It lathers nicely and Athena keeps trying to wash us with it when we put it on the sponge!

The other items in the travel selection are the cheeky cream, the baba oil and the splashy wash, which is a citrus version of the 3-in-1 and can be used in the same way. I’ve not used the cheeky cream yet as I have a couple of open creams to use up first but the baba oil is easy to use as it comes with a pump and is perfect for baby massage after a bath!


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