“Packed full of good stuff!”

So at the beginning of June I was excited when this arrived in the post..
This is a lovely miamoo travel pack.  This travel pack contains travel size 98.5%-100% naturally derived skin treats which are free from harsh ingredients and help to protect and heal dry skin.  Poor Joel suffers from dry and itchy skin.  Now that the summer and the shorts are out Joel can sometimes be found scratching away at his wee legs.  In particular it seems to flare up behind his knees, the bottom of his neck and base of his back.


I was very interested to try out these products as I was hoping all those lovely naturally derived ingredients would prevent irritation to his skin, or even better, improve his skin condition.
This travel pack contains 5 pocket size potions which can be used as stand alone products but all fit together to form part of themiamoo recommended 3 step routine;
STEP 1 – Exfoliating Wash
-fresh locks 3-in-1 wash
-splashy wash for body and bath
-spritz and wipe
STEP 2 – Moisturise
-huggy lotion
-cheeky cream
STEP 3 – Massage
-baba oil
So we packed our travel pack in our suitcase and off we went on our holidays!
We went to Donegal and were very lucky with the weather.  We spent the whole week on the beach.  Joel loved exploring the new territory but his skin was exposed to the elements, sea, sand and sun!
By then end of the day he was rosy cheeked and exhausted and deserved a cosy bath to relax before bed.
I was impressed with the splashy wash, it has a lovely fresh and zesty scent and creates lovely bubbles in the bath.  The scent is fresh and natural and lovely change from some of the other sickly sweet and over perfumed products I have experienced before.  I have to say thats one of the top features of the miamoo range, the lovely natural and fresh scents.  They smell like they are packed full of good stuff!
Here is the bathing beauty himself giving the fresh locks 3-in-1 wash ingredients the once over to ensure there are no nasties.
Post bath cosiness preparation with baba oil and cheeky cream ready to go!
The thick and creamy cheeky cream was used on the particularly dry and itchy bits.
And the baba oil was used for general all over pampering.  Joel and I attended baby massage when he was teeny and I was my favourite class I ever went to with him.  Joel is also known for lounging on his granny’s knee while getting his feet rubbed.  A massage with the baba oil was a lovely wind down to bed time for Joel and he really enjoyed the one and one quiet time attention.   This was my favourite product from the travel pack and one I will be rushing to purchase again once our mini one runs out.  Not only was it great for moisturising and relaxing Joel after the bath but it was also useful for treating my silly sunburn!!!
Silly sunburn – too busy trying to trick Joel into keeping his sun hat on to make sure I didn’t get burnt – Doh!
The huggy lotion made it into my handbag.  It is great for after-bath moisturising but I much prefer the baba oil for that moment.  The huggy lotion is great for general moisturising on the go.  The spray action lid makes it easy to dispense.  I have popped it on Joel’s cheeks when they looked a bit dry after his week of beach living, I have stolen a squirt to moisturise my hands and I have discovered its a great base for smoothly applied make-up.
After his massage Joel crawled up the bed and under the covers and hugged into the pillow, a very relaxed and happy baby.


If you are interested in trying out the miamoo range here is a discount code for 10% off.  Just enter Blog13 at the checkout.  The travel pack is a great way to try all the miamoo range has to offer.  However my favourite products had to be the baba oil and the huggy lotion.