“I defy any mummy not to buy the fresh locks forever more once they’ve smelt it”

Before I gave birth, I was sent a miamoo travel kit to review. The dinky travel sizes seemed just perfect for my hospital bag so in it went, crammed in between the breast pads and spare knickers ready for my post-birth shower. Owing to the fact I ended up having an emergency c-section and staying on the ward for 3 days, they were even more essential than I first thought!

083 In my hospital bag: miamoo skincare

First things first, what’s miamoo?

miamoo is a skincare range created by the lovably gobby Saira Khan from the Apprentice. Having suffered from dry and sensitive skin all her life, her products are born out of her desire to bring a truly natural skincare range to market. She goes to great pains to debunk myths surrounding products that claim to be natural and organic, and explains that miamoo has as many natural ingredients as are humanly possible. I love the brand ethos which is refreshingly honest and simple.

Saira Khan In my hospital bag: miamoo skincare

As a result, the products are suitable for the whole family and none of the following can be found in any miamoo product:

  • Parabens
  • Petrochemicals
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
  • Synthetic Colour/Frangrance
  • PEGS

What’s included?

The travel set contains 6x 30ml products; splashy wash, fresh locks, baba oil, huggy lotion, spritz & wipe and cheeky cream. All this came in a neat little perspex case with a cotton cloth. Being miniatures, they’re perfect for taking as hand luggage on aeroplanes, and they’re neat and contained to save you space for other travel essentials.

First Impressions…

I won’t pretend the bottles are anything to coo over, but for £15 you are getting a great little handy set. There’s everything you need in there for a long weekend away or, in my case, a few days stuck in a recovery ward. The smell is out of this world with dozens of essential oils that give you a real lift when you’re feeling a little yukky. I had my post section strip wash with these products and was so grateful that everything was to hand so it was as quick and as painless as possible. I also showered in the hospital when my wound was sufficiently healed. I felt really relaxed afterwards and much more human.

Needless to say, I didn’t feel up to exploring the products in any great detail with a beautiful newborn baby to stare at. So I retrieved the set from my hospital bag when I got home and have been using them on Dexter for the last few weeks.

076 In my hospital bag: miamoo skincare

The splashy wash

With lemon oil to cleanse and soya bean, aloe vera, jojoba, chamomile and Vitamin E extracts to moisturise the skin – the splashy wash smells light and fresh. Gentle enough to be used on the face as well as the body, it leaves Dexter smelling fabulous. With a bit of thrashing about from Dex, it also creates dozens of bubbles to keep little ones happy. Although Dex isn’t a sufferer, it’s also suitable for those with eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

Best bit? It’s not extortionately priced. At £6 for the full size (200mls) if your child has sensitive skin, this could well be the answer to your prayers.

fresh locks 3 in 1

This was my favourite product. The smell is divine with lavender to calm any itchiness, and aloe vera, jojoba, soya bean, rosemary, silk and vitamin E to moisturise. As it’s so gentle, it’s also safe for little faces and bodies. Ar £6 again, it’s well worth the money as Dexter smells heavenly after his baths. A little goes a long way and I’ll definitely be buying this again.

As with all miamoo skincare products, it’s also tear-free. We can definitely testify to this, can’t we Dex?!

dexsplash In my hospital bag: miamoo skincare

The baba oil

This is hailed as miamoo’s ‘hero product’. Despite the name it’s suitable for everyone in the family and can be applied all over (including hair if you have dry and sore scalp). It absorbs into the skin quickly so you’re not wandering around in your birthday suit for fear of staining your clothes. As you’ll inevitably use less of this, it’s available in 125ml for £7.50.

The smell is much more subtle for this one with sweet almond , sesame seed, lavender oils and vitamin E. It’s really effective at dealing with sores and dry patches on Dexie and his skin is markedly improved after use. My only criticism would be that the travel size comes in a plastic spray which is a little irritating if you’re trying to use it covertly on a toddler. Dexter gets way too excited and wants to spray himself which has ended in the odd time-out.

huggy lotion

Mixed results with the huggy lotion if I’m being brutally honest. It’s non greasy and light and sinks into the skin easily, but I’d question whether it provides the intensive moisturisation it claims to. I tried it on my legs after shaving and it didn’t keep them from drying out throughout the day. It’s £5 for 125mls too which is curious given it’s a staple product you’re bound to use frequently – it should be available in a bigger size.

Nevertheless, it’s great for Dexie’s post-bath massage and his skin continues to be as lovely as ever. Again, the smell is much more subtle with this one as the lavender is missing (orange flower water, sweet almond oil, marshmallow extract, wheat protein, silk and jojoba seed oil).

index2 In my hospital bag: miamoo skincare spritz & wipe

Love this. It was a perfect pick-me-up during labour and had a calming effect too – great given I was in for the worst labour imaginable. It has so many uses too – a detangler on hair, a cleanser , a toner and a spritz. It has an energising effect on skin and instantly cools leaving you nice and refreshed. The smell is heavenly too with limewater, bitter orange extract, Vitamin E and complex minerals (magnesium, copper, iron and silicon).

At £5 for 125ml, I’ve trialled spritzes at nearly double this price that aren’t as effective.

cheeky cream

Finally, there’s a barrier cream that can be applied to the face, hands and baby’s bottoms, the cheeky cream. This absorbs beautifully and does exactly what it says on the tin. A great natural alternative to Sudocrem it’s fabulous for delivering quick relief to sore bums and chapped hands.



The only product I wouldn’t clamber over my own mother to buy is the huggy lotion. Otherwise it’s an essential kit that made life in hospital a much nicer experience. Oh and I defy any mummy not to buy the fresh locks forever more once they’ve smelt it.

What’s more, I’m delighted top offer my readers 10% off at www.miamoo.co.uk using the code Blog13 (available on all full priced product)- happy shopping!

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