“Cooling spray used to be all the rage 5 years ago – spritz and wipe is even better!”

I was recently sent a travel goodies* set from skincare company miamoo to review for my readers!  I have been trying it out for the last three weeks and feel that I can now let you know how I’ve found using these new products.
The travel goodies* set contains miniature sizes of all of the miamoo products which are designed for dry and sensitive skin, they help to “cherish delicate skin with the finest natural ingredients”.  I’ve been looking for new skincare for a while so was really excited by the prospect of trying out these 98% natural products especially to see how they helped with the moisture of my skin as I find mine to often be dehydrated and dry.  Whilst yes, these products are mainly targeted at baby skin, they focus on moisture and protecting delicate skin which I believed would be great for my skin which was in need of some TLC.
miamoo is based on a three step process – think Clinique but with more to each stage!  First you start off with your cleansing for which fresh locks shampoo, splashy wash and spritz and wipe are recommended, then your moisturising – huggy lotion and cheeky cream, and then finally massage for which the baba oil is provided.  The travel goodies* also come with a Flannel for you to use which I mainly used with my spritz and wipe.
So how did I use the products?  As with all skincare, there were certain products I got on with a lot better than others and three especially which will now be staples in my skincare routine.  To start with, I’d remove my make-up at the end of the day using my usual process of a Johnson’s babywipe and Bioderma to take off my eye make-up.  Following this I’d lather up some splashy wash and rub all over my face, once worked in for around a minute I then just rinsed this off with some warm water and towel dried my face.
I then followed this with spritz and wipe which I guess you could compare to using as a toner.  Spray onto the face from a distance and then wipe off with the damp Flannel.  I also found myself using spritz and wipe throughout the day too – remember that cooling spray that used to be all the rage about 5 years ago?  spritz and wipe is even better!  On no make-up days which have been fairly often at the moment due to the nice weather, if I felt my skin getting a bit dry or dirty then I’d simply spray on some in order to freshen up.
Next in the process I used the two moisturisers which are provided in the travel goodies* kit.  There is no recommendation as to when to use so with a bit of trial and error I worked out what was best for my skin.  I decided that the huggy lotion was great for the mornings after a quick cleanse of the face before applying my make-up and the cheeky creamwas a more intense moisturiser which I applied before bed every night.  It was really noticeable from the onset how much of a difference these were making to my skin – the softness was not only there just after moisturising but stayed afterwards and even with make-up on all day my skin still felt soft.  I also noticed dry patches such as my chin clearing up leaps and bounds since using these moisturisers.  It looks like I’ve found a solution to my skin dehydration problem!
The final stage in the skincare three step was massage.  I’d never tried using an oil on my skin before and so was a bit apprehensive about what to do and how to use the baba oil but I have to say this is my new saviour and my absolute favourite product from the range.  After moisturising before bed I pumped a small bit of this out onto my hands and rubbed between my palms, distributed it evenly all over my face – with concentration on dry patches – and then left it to sink in.  WOW, that’s all I can say!  Out of the entire range I’m led to believe this will be my constant repurchase for years to come and also become a staple item in my skincare routine along with spritz and wipe and also the cheeky cream.