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“Skin Saviours!”

miamoo is a a natural skincare company founded by Saira Khan when she was suffering from dry skin herself and trying to source products to help and heal her. Their products are based around a 3 step system to help heal dry skin: Exfoliate & wash, moisturise and massage. You can read more about this, and the story behind the company on the miamoo website. They do a range of different products that can be used on the whole family, and I was sent their Travel Goodies selection to try out on Athena and myself. We’ve been swimming a couple of times over the last month and these are the perfect size to fling in your bag, they come in a handy zipped pouch with a face cloth, and the sizes of each individual item mean they are hand-luggage approved if you’re flying!


IMG_6806 IMG_6807

The spritz and wipe spray is my favourite of the products, it has so many uses; hair detangler, toner, cleanser for babies and as a cooling spritz spray. This has been perfect for the recent hot weather we’ve been having, I’ve used to to clean up Athena’s hands and arms after energetic grape eating sessions, and also to help clean her face. She did have some very light pimples along the side of her face which were a little red, and with a few applications of this instead of a baby-wipe face wash it’s cleared right up!

 IMG_6808 IMG_6822

The huggy lotion is another pretty nifty product, firstly it smells delicious but more importantly I’ve been using it on the dry areas behind Athena’s ears and on her knees, all the crawling often makes them a little red and dry. It can also be used as a hand cream, as a moisturiser to help keep skin supple during pregnancy and even under make up as it is non greasy and really light.


The fresh locks 3-in1 is another super smelling product, with lavender and geranium it an be used as a baby body and hair wash, an exfoliating facial wash or as a calming all over wash for pregnant ladies. It lathers nicely and Athena keeps trying to wash us with it when we put it on the sponge!

The other items in the travel selection are the cheeky cream, the baba oil and the splashy wash, which is a citrus version of the 3-in-1 and can be used in the same way. I’ve not used the cheeky cream yet as I have a couple of open creams to use up first but the baba oil is easy to use as it comes with a pump and is perfect for baby massage after a bath!


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“baba oil is a true multi-tasking lifesaver product”

miamoo – travel goodies

Miamoo Travel Goodies Review

Today I am reviewing a travel set of skincare goodies from miamoo, a natural skincare brand created by runner-up of the first ever Apprentice series, Saira Khan. Saira set up miamoo after years of suffering with extremely dry and sensitive skin, and all of the products in the range can be used by both adults and children.

The miamoo range uses natural ingredients such as chamomile, orange flower water and cocoa butter – and there are no nasties, the full range is free of parabens, sulfates and other chemical nasties that can irritate the skin.

Miamoo Travel Goodies

This little kit of travel goodies* from miamoo contains 6 skincare products, plus a soft flannel, all gathered together in a clear pouch. The overall kit is quite small and would fit nicely in a suitcase without taking up much room. Each product is only very small (the bottles are 30ml and the pot is 10ml) and probably won’t last very long, but they’re enough for a week away and you can always refill the little bottles afterwards for another use.

Miamoo Travel Goodies

My first impression of the packaging was that it is fuss-free and sensible. I think the names of some of the products are a little twee ‘baba oil’ and ‘huggy lotion’ for example, but I love the cute little cow sketches on each bottle and I can understand why these products would appeal to children. The individual bottles don’t explain what each product is for so I had to check on the miamoo website – although I am assuming that the full size products will have usage directions and information about the product on the labelling.

Miamoo Huggy Lotion

huggy lotion is the first product that I tried, it’s an unscented white moisturising lotion that can be used on the face, hands or body. It’s fairly light but does need a bit of rubbing in, and I have been using it as a body lotion. I haven’t tried it on my face yet, but I think it would suit my combination skin as it’s not greasy or oily at all. A really good general purpose lotion, I love the fact that you can use huggy lotion all over your body – apparently it’s great as an aftershave lotion too!

fresh locks shampoo is another simple but good multi-tasking product. Although it is called a shampoo you can actually use it on your face and body, as well as on your hair. Personally I’ve kept away from using it on my face as I don’t like the thought of using the same product on my face as I use on my hair, but it is really gentle and I have been using it to wash my hair. I suffer from an itchy scalp and this fresh locks shampoo doesn’t irritate my scalp like a lot of shampoos do – I do need to use quite a lot of it to get a good lather though.

Miamoo Baba Oil

baba oil is a true multi-tasking lifesaver product, it is a mix of natural oils and has many uses. It can be used on the face and body as an intensive moisturiser, as a cuticle oil on your hands, as a hot oil hair treatment, as a massage oil for tired feet, to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy, for baby massage… the list goes on! I have been using it on my hands and feet, gently massaging for a couple of minutes each evening before bed – you can see from the image above that it makes my feet look lovely and soft. I’m a big fan of hot oil hair treatments too, so I have that task next on the list for this baba oil. The only downside to this product is that it squirts out of the bottle in a big dribble and it can get a bit messy!

splashy wash is the next product, another foaming wash product that can be used on both the face and the body. Whilst this is another nice cleanser, I’m not sure why you would buy this if you had the fresh locks shampoo as they seem to double up a bit. splashy wash does say that it is particularly beneficial for those with especially dry skin though, so perhaps worth giving it a go if you suffer from this. It’s also recommended as a bubble bath for baby – just pour a little bit under running water for soft, cleansing bubbles.

Miamoo Cheeky Cream

cheeky cream is the intensive moisturiser of the pack, suitable again for the face, hands or body. It’s much richer than the Huggy Lotion and reminds me of those good old-fashioned moisturisers like Astral. cheeky cream has a feint almond scent, and leaves skin feeling very moisturised although it does take a while to completely rub in. It’s a bit too rich for my face as I have combination skin, but I think this would be perfect for dry skin and it’s great for elbows, knees and hard-working hands too.

spritz and wipe is the final product, and once again this one has many uses. It can be spritzed onto a cotton wool pad as a toner, and this is how I have been using it, but it can also be spritzed directly onto the face in hot weather (keep in the fridge for instant refreshment!). It can also be used as an instant clean-up cleanser for babies and children – spritz onto cotton wool or a tissue for a natural alternative to a baby wipe. Or how about using as a conditioning detangler for hair – just spray onto just-washed damp hair and it conditions and detangles (no need to wash out).

So, overall this miamoo travel goodies pack covers just about every beauty and clean-up task you might need for yourself and your family. It’s small and portable so you can take it with you wherever you go, plus you know that the ingredients within the products aren’t causing you or your children any harm. All of the miamoo products are great value too (a lot of natural brands can be quite expensive) prices for the full size bottles start at just £5 for 125ml of huggy lotion. I think my favourite out of the miamoo skincare products is the baba oil (although I still don’t like the name!) – it’s a real multi-tasker and has so many uses.

This travel goodies set is priced at £15, available from miamoo. I am pleased to be able to offer my readers 10% off miamoo products, just enter the discount code ‘BLOG13′ when you checkout at to take advantage.

“Clean, fluffy hair! – miamoo has lived up to their reputation”

I’ve seen loads of great reviews of miamoo products popping up on Tried & Tested but had yet to try them out for myself.  We were sent a bag of “travel goodies” which is basically an aeroplane friendly, trial size of each of the products in the range.

miamoo are determined to deliver products which work for the whole family to soothe, protect and heal dry and sensitive skin.  This appeals to me as both Ben and I have sensitive, eczema prone skin and Dave’s skin can also be very dry. (I should point out that I’ve not fallen out with capitalisation but that the lower case is part of miamoo branding)

fresh locks shampoo On the website this product is described as a “soothing shampoo for bouncy locks” – and it is that alright! The first time Dave poured some into his hand I was immediately struck by the gorgeous lavendar fragrance. Lush.  The shampoo spread and lathered easily before rinsing without a problem. Amy’s hair was left super clean and fluffy.  We tried it out on Chloe too with no complaints.  I’m starting to discover that as her hair gets longer certain shampoos don’t really agree with it and can make it lank or knotty but no such problems with fresh locks!  I’m tempted to try it on my own hair just because I love the scent so much!   I’ve even used it to clean my make up brushes.

Clean, fluffy hair!

Ben and Chloe really put the splashy wash to the test this weekend with filthy hands and food covered faces.  It made short work of the dirt with no fuss from them – and from the look of the photographs even appears to have turned Chloe into an angel . . .
We haven’t really used a body wash with them as such, tending to just let the warm water do its work (as this means minimal irritation to sensitive skin) however I could definitely be tempted to invest in this for their especially grubby days.
This is a “refreshing citrus spritz” – which I have to say might have made it into my own handbag rather than my changing bag! Great for a quick spritz on the hands and I’m looking forward to having it ready for perking up my face on a hot day (assuming we ever get any!)
I was really surprised that this wasn’t more fragrant – I think having used the fresh locks shampoo I expected everything to have more of a scent (which of course would be unusual for products designed for sensitive skins)  I tried out the huggy lotion on my own sensitive hands first and I’m pleased to report that they were perfectly happy with it – they can often react badly to new creams resulting in an eczema flare up.
I don’t use a barrier cream on a daily basis however I used this on Amy’s bum at the first signs of a bit of redness and it looked much better the next morning.  I found it didn’t spread as easily as some other products I’ve used, it seemed to slide across the skin.  Amy is currently suffering a really nasty bout of nappy rash (I’m talking blisters and bleeding) and although the cheeky cream has helped a bit I’ve had to bring in the big guns on this one.  I think cheeky cream is a great day to day bum cream but for Amy it’s not powerful enough for a really sore bum.  I actually think it might be quite good on my hands to protect them from over washing.

Ok so the obvious use for the baba oil is a lovely bit of baby massage … this isn’t something I’ve ever really got into doing with any of my children, I went to classes with Ben but we never really tried it out at home.  Selfishly the first thing I did to try out the oil was slap it on my nails!  I’ve got dreadful “Mum hands” at the moment – lots of hand washing and no time to take care of them means my cuticles are looking pretty grim.  The baba oil rubbed in nicely and made in instant difference to how my cuticles looked. Winner there.  (Be aware that the pump squirts a bit more exuberantly than you might expect and I over shot the mark – easier to squirt it into your hand and then apply from there!)


So safe to say that miamoo lived up to their reputation.  My favourite product is definitely the fresh locks shampoo and I’m certainly going to be buying more when our little bottle runs out.

If you’d like to try miamoo for yourself then head over to the website and enter the code Blog13 at checkout to receive a 10% discount (applicable to full price products only).

You can catch up with miamoo here:

“Perfect to take away for a holiday or weekend”

miamoo kindly sent me their travel kit* to try. It came with all the six products above plus a lovely face cloth. All the products are under 30ml and came in this clear zipper bag which would be perfect to take away for a holiday or weekend.
I feel the products are slightly aimed at children/babies but they are suitable for any ages. As I don’t have children of my own, I tested the products out on myself and I’m happy with the results.


What They Say – “2 in 1 product that can be used on the face and body. With lemon oil to cleanse and soya bean, aloe vera, jojoba, chamomile and Vitamin E extracts to moisturise the skin, splashy wash is great for all skin types. It is gentle yet effective enough to remove daily grime. Leaves the skin fresh, clean and glowing”.

The splashy wash smells lovely. The hint of Lemon is the perfect scent to wake you up in the mornings. It was a very smooth product to use which left my skin feeling amazing. It didn’t froth up as much as I would of liked it too but nonetheless it was a lovely product to use.

What They Say – “3 in 1 face, body and hair wash, bursting with lavender, which gently soothes the skin, calms the senses and has natural anti bacterial properties. Aloe vera, jojoba, soya bean, rosemary, silk and vitamin E extracts moisturise the skin and hair giving outstanding results. Ideal for all the family, everyday”.

The fresh locks shampoo left my hair feel squeaky clean. I really liked the hint of lavender as it was a great product to use just before bedtime, to help you relax. This is a good shampoo to use if you are looking for a product to get rid of buildup in your hair.

 What They Say - ”One product with 4 uses. Overflowing with limewater and minerals, this spritz cleanses, moisturises and freshens the skin. The bitter orange extract freshens, the Vitamin E moisturises whilst the complex minerals (magnesium, copper, iron and silicon) tone the skin”
I wasn’t too sure how to use the spritz and wipe but after doing a little research I decided that it would make a lovely cooling spray. When we had our lovely spell of hot weather, it came very handy to spritz on my face to keep me cool and refreshed. As it contains Vitamin E, I felt like it kept my skin feeling moisturised at the same time.


What They Say – “A barrier cream that can be applied to the face, hands and baby’s bottoms. The sweet almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, wheat protein and castor seed oil provide the deep moisturisation whilst the the zinc, beeswax and carnuba wax act as a waterproof barrier for the skin”

The cheeky cream is such a lovely thick and creamy product. Again, talking about the lovely hot weather we had, I did get a bit sunburn, whoopsies! This was the perfect product to smother my skin in. I love anything with cocoa butter and this was definitely a winner in my eyes!

What They Say - ”A 3 in 1 moisturiser that works on hands, face and body. Crammed with orange flower water, sweet almond oil, marshmallow extract, wheat protein, silk and jojoba seed oil providing intensive moisturisation throughout the day. Easily absorbed into the skin leaving it silky soft to the touch”

The huggy lotion is the perfect product to keep in your hand bag. I enjoyed using this as a hand cream when on the go. It kind of reminds me of the Hand Food by Soap & Glory with the marshmallow extract and had the same sort of scent. It soaked in well and didn’t leave a greasy residue.


What They Say - ”An oil for all your body’s moisturising needs and suitable for all ages and skin types. Formulated with sweet almond , sesame seed, lavender oils and vitamin E, to nourish, moisturise, protect and heal dry skin”.

The baba oil was a lovely product to use after you have stepped out of the shower. I found it best applied when your skin was slightly damp as it soaked in better. It left my skin feeling very smooth and supple.

The cloth it came with was a little bit rough on the skin. I feel it could of been a bit softer but I did find it was good at exfoliating the rough bits.
Overall I am impressed with the products I have been sent and if you are looking for products to use on your young ones or even for yourself, miamoo skincare would be a great place to start.

miamoo Travel Set - £15* – You can also receive 10% off your purchases (full price items only) by entering BLOG13 at the checkout!


Emily x

“I am in love with this brand! – they are a pleasure to use”


We were sent the travel goodies pack by miamoo to try out and review.miamoo is a skincare brand created by Saira Khan with the goal to design and produce natural and pure products that are suitable for very dry skin. “The only way that I could make an impact was to create my own skincare products of the highest quality, with ingredients that work and formulations that are kind to delicate, dry and sensitive/ sensitized skin.”For me I was interested in this brand as I myself suffer from very dry skin, with patches of eczema, at its worst I can scratch myself sore and it is a challenge to find a product out there that doesn’t irritate my skin or flare it up.  Because of my experience, though my children do not suffer the same problems as me, I am however still very conscious what I use on their skin.miamoo products are not only made from pure and natural ingredients, they are also completely free from: parabens, petrochemicals, sodium lauryl sulphate, synthetic colour, synthetic fragrance, and PEGS.

So how did we get on with the items within the travel pack.

In the pack:

  • splashy wash 30ml – a 2 in 1 refreshing citrus shower/body wash, that can also be used on the face.  It smells divine, and feels very soft and luxurious on the skin.
  • fresh locks 30ml –  a 3 in 1 soothing shampoo for shiny bouncy locks and a body wash. I loved this shampoo for Summer’s hair, it left gorgeous clean smelling and shiny hair.
  • baba oil 30ml –  an oil great for hair, body and baby massage. This oil is truly luxurious, calming, soothing and such a joy to use on both Summer’s and my own skin.
  • huggy lotion 30ml – a non-greasy daily moisturiser for your hands, face and body. A light cream that quickly absorbs, which I found very moisturising.
  • spritz and wipe 30ml – a multi-use spritz – a refreshing citrus spritz packed with minerals that can be used for freshening, moisturising, and cleansing. This is really light and refreshing to us.
  • cheeky cream 10ml – a natural barrier cream great for adults and babies – good for preventing nappy rash, and also using on chapped skin etc..  I used it on Summer’s bum during nappy changed, and though it is thick cream, it is gentle on the skin.
  • cotton cloth 

The 3 in 1 fresh locks for a hassle free and caring bath, I rubbed it not only into Summer’s hair but her body as well, cleaning her skin and hair without stripping the body’s essential oils – and it smells divine.

I am in love this brand! Each one of the items we tried had their own benefits; a gorgeous natural scent too soothing creams and/or oils and all products not only worked well for Summer, but also for me. They are a pleasure to use.You can buy this travel goodies pack on the miamoo website for £15.  Available discount code for my readers: 10% off at using code Blog13 (enter code at checkout, applicable on full price products only).

“I carry spritz & wipe everywhere now”

Hiya Lovelies

I was chosen a couple months back to try out (**) miamoo’s lovely travel set this month. We travel back and forth to my parents house an hour and half away regularly and stay for a day or two + at a time. I am forever packing large full size products for both Mini and I which take up more room than needed. So I was really looking forward to testing out the miamoo travel set to see if this could be the answer to our travel lotions and potions dilemma.


splashy wash 30ml

fresh locks 30ml

baba oil 30ml

huggy lotion 30ml

spritz and wipe 30ml

cheeky cream 10ml

The miamoo set comes in a nice clear bag with turquoise zip. Everything including a cloth fits in perfectly, it’s very compact so perfect for popping into a small bag like the one Mini & I jointly use for trips to mums.

On the back of the cardboard sleeve, there is a guide to three easy steps to use, which will in turn help you to get the best results from the products.

Step 1- Cleanse


fresh locks shampoo- This is a lovely fresh shampoo, with lavender extracts, so great for bedtime baths. It goes into a nice bubbly lather and as it is really gentle. It’s perfect for Mini as she has slightly sensitive skin at times. It can also be used as a wash which is great.

splashy wash- This is a real zesty scent, again goes into a great lather. I used this for Mini at bath time but I also used it to wash my face after taking my make up off. It left my skin feeling really fresh and clean yet moisturised.

spritz and wipe- This is recommended as part of the three step cleanse routine, we haven’t really used it for Mini at bath time, but we do use it as part of our nappy changing routine (see step 2) I can however use this myself . I have used this after I cleanse my skin during night time make up routine. It costs £5.00 for 125ml so I will be purchasing this soon as it is so versatile, i have even used it to spritz mini’s  unruly bedhead curls in the morning.


Step 2- Moisturise

huggy lotion – I have used this mainly on my hands, especially on the dry areas around my knuckles. The huggy lotion has worked a treat, I have really noticed the difference in my skins appearance on using it the last couple weeks. Mini would get dry skin under her little ears at times and this can be sensitive and sore. We began using the huggy cream and have really seen an improvement, her ears are nearly totally healed.

cheeky cream – This is a natural baby cream, we have used this during nappy changes, but I have also used this as an intensive moisturiser for a few dry areas on my face overnight.  I like this and because its so small it will fit perfectly even into your purse.

spritz and wipe- As some of you know I have switched to using cloth nappies recently and was on the hunt for a cleanse, type spray such as this for using with my cloth wipes. This is fab for this, it really helps cleanse her skin but also leaves it lovely and soft. The scent is gorgeous too! This has become my go to spritz and I carry it everywhere now.

2014-05-24 15.03.01


Step3- Massage

baba oil – We don’t do baby massage often any more but when Mini was much smaller we did and this little oil would be perfect for that. I have instead used this mainly for my nails and cuticles. As my hands are quite dry at the minute so too are my nails and cuticles and i have a few of those horrible “rag nails” which really hurt. Using the oil just as I would a cuticle oil has really helped to get moisture back into my nail beds and really improved the condition of both my cuticles and nails.

Over all I really like the miamoo range, the travel set is perfect for what Mini and I need for little trips to Nannies house. I think this set would also make a great baby gift as it’s a nice way to be introduced to total collection from miamoo in one set. I will definitely be purchasing a full sized spritz and wipe soon.

“Products start from £5, very comparable for Paraben/Petrochemical free”

I was excited when miamoo offered to send me their travel goodies to try out, as its only 141 days till we leave for our holiday, and the miamoo travel goodies are perfectly sized to fit in your hand luggage. The Travel pack contains everything that you might need for mum’s and babies with 30ml of each product, splashy wash, fresh locks shampoo, huggy lotion, cheeky cream, spritz and wipe, and baba oil. The pack of  miamoo travel goodies also comes in a handy plastic travel purse and has a lovely cotton flannel.

miamoo travel

The first thing I noticed was that all the miamoo products are Paraben and free from other petrochemicals, which means that the boy can use them. The miamoo products are especially kind to children’s and babies who suffer from dry or sensitive skin like the boy.  The first product we tried was the miamoo fresh locks shampoo. It has a lovely lavender smell to it, and is not to overpowering, and I could tell that the boy was clean when he came out of the bathroom as his hair smelt lovely and looked shiny too.

The miamoo splashy wash has a lovely lemon scent which I thought was very pleasant and is a favourite smell of mine. I gave this product a try and it was very refreshing, but without feeling that it had stripped all the oil from my skin it felt very soft afterwards. The boy found that it was easy and gentle on his skin too.

The miamoo cheeky cream as its name might suggest could be used for babies cheeks, but as I don’t have a baby to test on, I tried the cream out on my face. With a very pleasing smell, it wasn’t greasy, this cream made my skin feel very soft, and was also easy to use as a hand cream. Perfect for when I forget to take one on the plane with me which I always do!

miamoo cheeky cream

There are also 3 spray bottles in the miamoo travel pack, spritz and wipe with lime and minerals, which would be great for freshening up after a days travel. This had a very subtle smell and would be great to keep in my handbag for cleaning sticky fingers.

The huggy lotion has to be my favourite from the pack, as it was easy to apply and made my skin feel soft, with almond and marshmallow extracts it makes a perfect all over moisturiser. It is also very easy to use from the pump bottle.

Finally baba oil, and this is something I don’t have much call for now the boy is older, but it is always handy to have. I will use baby oil removing paint from hands, and even tree sap, from when the boy has been helping dad to move the logs. With lavender and almond oil it had a lovely smell, but is not something I would necessarily take on holiday with me.

miamoo huggy lotion

I was impressed with the quality of the miamoo products, and think the handy sizes are a great way to find your favourites, or even give as a gift for a new mum. You can buy miamoo products from their website and the travel pack has an RRP of £15.00, which for this type of product is very reasonable. The full-sized products start from £5.00 which again is very comparable for Paraben and petrochemical free products. Delivery is free for orders over £50.

If you would like to try miamoo products I have a 10% discount code for you. Simply useBlog13 at the checkout and 10% will be taken off your order (full price products only).

To purchase miamoo products or find out more about the story behind the brand why notvisit miamoo onlineFacebook, or twitter. Also have a look at the 3 step guide online on how to prevent and heal dry skin.


“A range that you and your children can safely use”

Every now and again I get a little freaked out when I stop to read the ingredients list on everyday toiletries like shampoo and shower gel. I have a basic grasp of certain things that are probably stripping my body of its natural oils but I am not entirely sure what to do about it. I also wonder if I’m not happy putting these things on my stronger, adult skin, whether or not I want to bring my kids up using them. So when I was given the chance to test-out the miamoo products developed by Saira Khan, I jumped at it.

Dry skin
A range that you and your children can safely use

Miamoo products don’t use the following ingredients: Parabens, Petrochemicals, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Synthetic Colour/Fragrance and PEGS. To understand why, I googled them, and the results were nasty. We’re looking at claims that these common ingredients are linked to everything from damage to the immune system, skin inflammation and headaches all the way to various types of cancer, kidney degeneration and nerve damage to the brain and spinal cord. While some of these results are based on animal studies, it’s clear that these chemicals are best left out of our lives rather than invited in.

Saira Khan spent years suffering with dry skin, and found even the products prescribed by doctors did more harm than good. This made her determined to research and ultimately create, quality skincare products using ingredients that work and are kind to delicate, dry and sensitive/sensitized skin. As a by-product of her work, she has set off the ‘one range skincare for all the family’ revolution – and has reduced the need to have stacks of different bottles clogging up the bathroom (think my hubby would be glad to hear that!).

And I had a great way to test out the 3-step skincare routine that miamoo has created. Recently my eldest daughter was diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum, a viral infection. It is highly contagious and causes small, firm, raised papules (spots) on the skin. The condition is not painful but can be itchy. I know that several of her friends have had it, and since it clears up on its own, the NHS does not treat it. However, my daughter is unhappy with the appearance of her affected skin and does not want the rash to spread. One doctor did mention to me that the problem can be exacerbated by dry skin, and keeping her well moisturised should prevent further discomfort and maybe even the spread of spots. Cue a rush to the toiletries stash.

My personal favourite – although I have to fight for it!

My children are already used to me using face and body oils instead of creams – and know that some of my favourite natural ingredients are almond and lavender. Accordingly, it wasn’t hard to get my daughter to use the miamoo range regularly, as the product names instantly appealed – along with the lovely smells and the chance to stop the molluscum in its tracks. To be honest both her sister and me were also tempted by the range (it’s just as well the products are suitable for adults and kids)!

So, for a little over a week, I have been using miamoo’s splashy wash, followed by huggy lotion and then baba oil on my daughter’s tummy area where the spots occur. As well as the large spots, her skin there was a bit scaly, with smaller red irritations too. While I knew that the products would not make the spots go away (they can actually last for us to two years), I hoped that she would at least be spared any more developing – and that the area in general would become less dry and irritated.
testing miamoo
Using miamoo for just over a week shows some improvement in the dry skin around the affected area
I’m pleased to say in this short test period I’ve seen some improvement, the skin around the affected areas is definitely much softer – and my daughter says – less itchy. The small red bumps have cleared up a bit and she has enjoyed all the extra cosseting (as any child with any kind of illness does!). She also loves the products because of the scents and the names. My other daughter has also decided to get in on the act, asking me to put the huggy lotion on the inside of her elbows (where a bit of eczema has flared up). And yes, mummy has also been at the baba oil! I love the fact we can all use these gentle products together – and that as well as helping dry skin conditions we are protecting rather than damaging any delicate skin. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship…
Do you or your children suffer from dry or sensitive/sensitized skin? What products have worked – and what hasn’t? Let me know any tips you have and how you feel about the amount of toxins that could be in regular products