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“I love the fresh and subtle scents of these products”

I was very lucky to be chosen this month by the wonderful Jody at miamoo to try out and review the miamoo travel goodies set. As someone with sensitive and pretty dry skin I’m always looking for new products to try. Since miamoo products are free from harsh ingredients which often irritate and worsen skin conditions such as dryness and sensitivity, this means that the products are ideal for those with conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. miamoo can also be used by pregnant mothers and on babies from birth which just emphasises how gentle and natural the products are on the skin. As miamoo is suitable for all ages and skin types this means it’s perfect for the entire family to use.

The miamoo Travel Goodies set comprises of a 10ml pot of Cheeky Cream and 30ml bottles of Huggy Lotion, Splashy Wash, Spritz and Wipe, Fresh Locks Shampoo and Baba Oil.

I’m going to start by saying, just how cute are these products? You know I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to good packaging so these instantly made me smile. I also love the fresh and subtle scents of these products. They aren’t overpowering but they do have a really beautiful hint of citrus and lavender throughout the set. And the pump applicators on the Huggy Lotion, Spritz and Wipe and Baba Oil make application so easy. I can’t be the only one who uses products with a pump applicator much more than a big tub of product, so it’s all about ease of use for me.

Having tried all the products, I have to say, my favourite has to be the Fresh Locks shampoo. It’s already made a drastic difference to my dry and flaky scalp as well as my hairline after only a few washes. I’ll definitely be purchasing the full size of this once I run out of my travel size bottle as it leaves hair feeling so clean.

Talking of the travel sizes, I love that you can carry this travel set with you especially when it comes to air travel, which is sometimes a bit of a palaver. You normally have to either dispense products into bottles and tubs to make sure that they comply with air travel regulations or you end up spending a small fortune on all the travel products when you get to the airport. miamoo takes all the hassle out of air travel with this set. And as it also comes in a clear plastic case it makes going through airport security with this in your carry on a real breeze. I can’t wait to take it in my carry on later in the year. It’s also a great set to have with you on days out or trips away.

Another great thing about the miamoo travel goodies set, the consistency of the next two products, which I thought I would swatch to let you see what I mean.

miamoo travel goodies set swatch cheeky cream huggy lotion review(From left to right: swatch of miamoo Cheeky Cream – swatch of Huggy Lotion)

I love the feel of Cheeky Cream, it’s just so creamy and luxurious. As it is considerably thicker in consistency than the Huggy Lotion, I’ve been putting on Cheeky Cream right before I go to bed and using it as an overnight moisturiser. Both cool the skin and sink right in without leaving any grease behind, which instantly made them a winner with me. The amount of times I’ve bought a moisturiser and it’s let me down by not absorbing into the skin, well these moisturising products certainly don’t have that problem.

In addition to sending this set out for me to try and review, miamoo have also offered a 10% discount for all of my lovely readers of 10% off all of their full priced products. All you have to do is enter Blog13 at the checkout. This means you can pick up this wonderful travel set for only £13.50, which when you consider the products you’ll get to try out and the fact that this includes a cute clear travel bag and cotton cloth, is a pretty great deal.

- See more at:

“This is the result in just 3 days!”

I was sent a miamoo Travel Set to try on Master A. Master A has eczema and has only been using prescription products so far. His eczema was getting worse and because I was frightened to try anything else other than what the doctor gave me, we ended up having to get him some hydrocortisone cream. I only put the cream on him once and only in a test patch. I hated the fact that he had to have this. However as said, I only put it on him once and in one place as after tweeting that I am testing miamoo on the parts that are not red raw, miamoo tweeted back to say that I really should use the miamoo products all over and not use the hydrocortisone cream. So that I did. I followed the steps recommended to me and we use four out of the six products religiously. Even though Master A is not at the moment completely free of eczema, I think something is irritating him and after speaking to miamoo, they recommended washing balls, which I will be ordering today, as you can see in this picture, it is working. Working more than what the hydrocortisone would do in such a short space of time. This is after three days, all thanks to the miamoo routine:

beforeandaftermiamoo 300x150 miamoo travel set review

The routine that we have been following, which has been recommended by miamoo is
1) Exfoliating wash – I have been using splashy wash for washing Master A’s body and hair. However I have also started to use fresh locks on his hair as it contains lavender and as I mostly bath Master A in the evening, that should help send him to sleep!
2) Moisturise I use huggy lotion during the day and treat the bad areas with cheeky cream
3) Massage – I apply baba oil all over Master A at night time, every night!

What you can’t really see in the pictures is that Master A’s neck was totally red raw. Now, perfectly normal skin. He does get a little flare up but that is because he is teething but the red patch on his tummy is so much better. It was really rough to feel and is now smooth.

If I had to choose a favourite, goodness me, I love four of them and I really like the rest but I especially love the baba oil as that is the product that benefits Master A the most as not only does it heal his skin, it also gives us a bit of time to properly bond and make him all relaxed. It has lavender in it, so that is good for his sleeping.

I really love miamoo. I would recommend anyone that has eczema to try the whole range and the travel set is perfect for this. I am now going to buy four out of the six products straight away and perhaps later on, will buy the rest. I am so thankful to miamoo for giving me the courage not to use the hydrocortisone cream. I didn’t want to use it but really did think that this was the only thing that would make Master A’s eczema better. I was definitely wrong and I am so happy I was wrong.

miamoo is the best skincare routine for Master A and his eczema. This makes me a very happy mum!

“baba oil is my favourite, you can use it on just about every part of the body!”

We all know how stressful it can be trying to remember to pack the different lotions and potions for each person when going away on a trip so miamoo have saved us the job! There travel pack includes just about everything you’ll need for all ages and skin types so it saves you the worry of forgetting anything! Coming in a cute size wallet for £15 you’ll get six different products which are all small enough to take into an airport with you and even a cloth to use with it and there’s three steps to using it all! Use the codeBLOG13 to get 10% off any full priced item!


Step 1 – Exfoliating Wash

  • fresh locks shampoo – Despite the fact that there’s only 30ml in this travel size container it’s surprising how much use you can get from it, I’m the type of person who probably uses a bit too much when washing my hair but realistically you hardly need any when using this because it does lather so well! It also includes Lavender and Geranium oils to leave the hair smelling fresh!
  • splashy wash for body and bath – What I like about this product is that it can be used as both a bath lotion or a shower gel, whatever you’ll be needing when on your travels rather than carrying around two separate products! It contains Aloe Vera so is soothing to the skin, especially if you’ve been out in the sun that day!
  • spritz and wipe – This is perfect for if you’re on the go and feel like you need to freshen up, especially if you’re at an airport! The Citrus oils make you not only feel the freshness but you smell fresh too!
Step 2 – Moisturise
  • huggy lotion – This is a daily moisturiser that’s perfect for while you’re out an about, it pumps so avoids you using too much and making any mess! It contains almond oil which is well known to work against any dry patches of the skin and give the skin nutrients! It contains marshmallow extract too..what can be cuter than moisturising in marshmallow? Nothing!
  • cheeky cream – This is a natural barrier cream so is perfect for even the most sensitive skin types and can be again be used on all ages, there’s no scent to this cream so can be used without others noticing and there’s nothing in it for sensitive skin to react to!
Step 3 – Massage
  • baba Oil – This is my favourite item in the pack because it can be used on just about any part of the body which means you don’t have to carry around hundreds of different oils! You can use it sparingly on the hair to smooth flyaway hairs and also provide the nutrients it might be missing because of the travelling! On the body to moisturise any dry skin and is also perfect for baby skin too!

“The best products for sensitive skin!”

Max has very sensitive skin, and suffers from eczema – because of this I am very careful about what products I use on his skin. So when miamoo got in touch and offered me a travel set to review, I knew it would be perfect for Max. Let me tell you why:miamoo do not use any of the following chemicals, which are known to irritate delicate skin:

  • Parabens
  • Petrochemicals
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
  • Synthetic Colour/Frangrance
  • PEGS

Coming with the mission statement to ‘ensure that delicate skin is protected’ I knew that it was the closest thing to perfect I was likely to find for Max, and was eager to try it out.


I love that all the products have their own miamoo names – such as cheeky cream, huggy lotion and splashy wash – much nicer sounding than bubble bath and body lotion!
All the products have a fairly similar small, which I like – nothing is overpowering, nothing smells ‘false’ or over fragranced – it all smells clean and fresh with a hint of sweetness. Perfect for tiny ones – I personally don’t like little ones to smell ‘perfumed’.
The size of these bottles is perfect for popping in the changing bag, and I like that everything has a double function – the spritz and wipe is good for sticky faces and as a facial mist for mum. The cheeky cream can be a nappy cream or a handcream. The baba oil is good for moisturising and massage. It means you don’t have to carry separate products for baby and you – just pack the miamoo travel kit for both of you. We are going away this weekend, and this perfectly sized travel kit will be coming along with us.


The splashy wash is lovely and bubbly, and has cleaned up all manner of muckiness. We have been using it with the fresh locks shampoo for an extra squeaky clean baby. The huggy lotion is great to use after a bath to lock the moisture in and keep Max’s skin from drying out.
Overall we have been really impressed with the miamoo skincare range. Not only is it great for Max, it’s great for older brother Jacob too, who also suffers from eczema. Not only that, it’s perfect for mummy as well! Great size for popping in your bag, great fresh scent, and the best thing we have found for sensitive skin. A real winner all round.
If you want to try miamoo for yourself, then enter the code blog13 at the checkout to receive 10% off all full sized products.


* We were sent these products free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*


“splashy wash is so fresh and lemony and creates fantastic bubbles!”

Hello mummies! 
I was delighted when I was offered to review this skincare range, after hearing a lot of good things I wanted to try it out and see how it worked! My little one can suffer from dry patches on his arms and lately has been getting dry skin on his face, must be something to do with this cold, windy weather! I can be a bit picky when it comes to using products on my little Alfs as I don’t want anything to irritate his skin as it can be sensitive. We’ve always used creams that the doctor has prescribed him but they don’t always tend to work so this is where Miamoo comes in :)




Miamoo was founded by a lady called Saira Khan, who has created a beautiful 3 step super gentle skin care range, perfect for moisturising dry, sensitive skin. This product appealed to me as it has no nasty chemicals, its free of parabens and is 98% naturally derived skincare. Miamoo is perfect from babies from birth and mummies too which is fab!
I was sent the travel goodies pack, which arrived wrapped in lovely, dark purple tissue paper, very well presented, perfect to give as a gift even. Once I unwrapped it, the products were in a clear zipped waterproof pouch, a lovely fresh looking package and inside were – Fresh Locks Shampoo, Splashy Wash, Spritz & Wipe, Huggy Lotion, Baba, Cheeky Cream and a cotton flannel. I love the size of the travel bottles, they’re perfect to take on weekends away or on travelling abroad!
The first thing I have to do it open them all up and smell them :) they all contain different ingredients and all smell so lovely and everyone loves a clean fresh smelling baby! I’ve listed them below - 
Fresh Locks Shampoo –  Lavender & Geranium
Splashy Wash – Lemon Oil & Aloe Vera
Spritz & Wipe – Lime water & Minerals 
Huggy Lotion – Sweet Almond Oil & Marshallow extract
Baba Oil – Lavender and Sweet Almond Oil 
Miamoo recommend that you use their 3 step skincare routine which is - 
Step 1 Cleanse 
Fresh Locks Shampoo
Splashy Wash
Spritz & Wipe
Step 2 Moisturise 
Huggy Lotion
Cheeky Cream
Spritz & Wipe
Step 3 Massage
Baba Oil (If you can keep your cheeky monkey still!)
I have been using this products for around 2 weeks now and little mans skin is super soft, squeaky clean and most important of all irritant free which is what I was really looking for in this product! My favourites have to be the Splashy wash, it’s so fresh and lemony and creates fantastic bubbles :) and also the fresh locks shampoo, which lathers up nice and easy and leaves a gorgeous scent! It also helps with cradle cap! I think were going to stock up on these little gems they really do smell as good as they look :)
Have you tried Miamoo? What do you think?
Chloe xo 


“Great on Little Man’s bumpy and dry skin, soaks in quickly, and he is happy to stay still and have it applied”

Both Boo and Little Man have had sensitive skin since birth, prone to drying out and rashes, and I’d say Little Man’s has been a little worse than Boo’s ever was. I have to be very careful with the bath products that I use, any creams that I apply and I always choose sensitive/no fragrance baby wipes. Knowing that all of miamoo’s products are natural and no tears made me very keen to try them.

photo 2 (2)

The range just looks so enticing, doesn’t it! I love the logo and the little cow images, and every product name and description sounds wonderful. From Boo’s point of view at this stage, she loved that she could have the clear zip-bag that they came in to play with, and was very excited about the waffle facecloth that came with it – the girl loves a flannel!

The children have a bath every evening, and it’s a part of the day that they love. However, I am aware that water can be quite drying on their delicate skin, so I was particularly interested in the 3 steps skin care regime that Saira recommends.

1 – Exfoliating Wash (using fresh locks shampoo, splashy wash for body and bath and spritz & wipe)

2 – Moisturise (using huggy lotion and cheeky cream)

3 – Massage (using baba oil)

As simple, yet as effective, as that.

miamoo bath range

The splashy wash smelled gorgeous as the bubbles started to build and felt lovely in the water. The bubbles didn’t last very long, though it should be pointed out that they were in a bath with two very active and vigorous children! The fresh locks shampoo, smelling of lavender and also with Aloe vera, jojoba, soya bean, rosemary, silk and vitamin E in, makes Little Man’s hair soft and silky, and I just keep sniffing him after his baths! Unfortunately for Boo, it made her hair matted and tangled, so wasn’t as successful. She has got very thick hair, though, like mine, so I wasn’t surprised as mine would have done the same. If I just had Little Man, I would look to buy this again, as it’s lovely for him, but as I’ve the two of them, I’ll stick to a shampoo that works well for the pair of them instead.

It was the after bath products that really made this range for me. ‘Would you like me to put some more huggy lotion on you?’ is now a phrase that I hear from Boo several times daily! She loves it on her skin, and also likes to share the huggy lotion love and administer it to everyone around her! I admit, I’m not averse to this, as you’ll understand when you read it’s description.. ‘Crammed with orange flower water, sweet almond oil, marshmallow extract, wheat protein, silk and jojoba seed oil providing intensive moisturisation throughout the day. Easily absorbed into the skin leaving it silky soft to the touch.’ Mmm, yes, please! And it absolutely does leave it silky soft, and no signs of any adverse skin reactions on either children (or me, and I do have a tendency to breakout in a rash or itch with certain skin products).

It was great on Little Man’s skin, which is quite bumpy and dry, but it soaks in really quickly, and he is happy to stay still and have it applied..

Little Man and huggy lotionAnd then Boo basically jumps about asking for hers each night now, too! (she actually brought it to me at 7am this morning, offering to squirt some onto my arm as I lay there summoning the energy to move!)

applying huggy lotion

And then to the third step, massage, which is wonderful using the baba oil. When Little Man was a baby, we went along to baby massage classes. It wasn’t something I’d done with Boo, as I knew she wasn’t the sort of baby to allow it!, but Little Man is a whole different story, and loves a soothing massage. Now, I’m not saying you have to carry out baby massage instructions to use this, just smooth it into your children’s skin, but for me, it’s been an opportunity to get back to massaging my son, and we’ve both been enjoying it. The baba oil is ‘formulated with sweet almond , sesame seed, lavender oils and vitamin E, to nourish, moisturise, protect and heal dry skin.’ It glides on smoothly, soaks in easily and softens beautifully. No photos of this stage, I’m afraid, as it’s a strictly lights dimmed, relaxing time, but rest assured, he likes it!

We’ve enjoyed miamoo products, and we will be buying the huggy lotion and the baba oil again, as they are improving their skin and both children like having them applied. I’ve also a discount for my readers so that you, too, can give the range a try. For a 10% discount off full priced items, just type in ‘Blog13′ at the miamoo checkout.


“miamoo has become the perfect skincare for both adults, babies and children”

I love going away, getting a change of scenery is always good for the soul, but I suffer when it comes to sleeping, I just can’t get relaxed in a different bed, with strange sounds happening all around me; so I always try and take things that would help me drift off into a more natural slumber and one thing that has always worked well with me is the scent of Lavender, but while I know it would help, I often worry a change in wash products will end with me coming out in an itchy rash that would really put a damper on the holiday (oh thank you sensitive skin). So when miamoo asked if I fancied checking out their travel set I had to say yes.

miamoo started life because Saira Khan the founder suffered with extremely dry skin and with nothing working she decided to take matters into her own hand and start making products from the passion she had for trying to help her own skin as well as that of others who suffered similarly.

The end result was a three step system to help heal and prevent dry skin, made from 98.5 – 100% natural ingredients and free from nasties, miamoo became the perfect skin care for both adults with dry, sensitive skin as well as babies and children.

The travel set from miamoo includes the 6 core products in the miamoo range for treating and preventing dry skin:

Step 1 Exfoliating Wash:
- fresh locks shampoo
- splashy wash for body & bath
- spritz and wipe

Step 2 Moisturise:
- huggy lotion
- cheeky cream

Step 3 Massage:
- baba oil

miamoo travel set

You may be wondering what exactly this set has to do with not being able to get to sleep on holiday – apart from of course being the perfect size to slip in your suitcase and therefore one less thing to worry about. Well the shampoo and the baba oil both include Lavender and as they are made to be so kind and caring to your skin I would have no problem tucking this into my suitcase and feeling worry free about getting a good night’s sleep after a relaxing bath and they both smell amazing.

Personally I found the whole routine easy to follow and with extended use I could see it offering quite a calming effect to my often itchy bothersome skin. I may have also become a little attached to the cheeky cream which offers a protective barrier against the harsh outside world and I have found perfect to pop into my handbag and apply when thing are starting to feel like they are getting to my skin, especially on my hands.

I can definitely see myself buying the miamoo travel set for my holidays later in the year – as well as the wash, cheeky cream and oil separately to see if it will help relieve the itch.

To check out the whole miamoo range, buy the travel set (which is priced at £15) or find out more about the brand head over to the miamoo website now and don’t forget to use the code: Blog13 to get yourself 10% off full sized products.

What do you think of the sound of miamoo, is it the sort of product you would like to try?

*PR Sample


“A gem of a set”

If I get a chance to review something made with natural ingredients, free from the nasties so many products are filled with and particularly good for dry skin, I will always say yes. And the same goes for products for Ethan – He has always had super dry skin and very little has worked on him; just like me suffers from the ‘orange peel’ type skin, rough and bumpy to touch, on his thighs and the back of his arms. As such I jumped at the chance to try the ‘travel goodies’* set from miamoo as it’s filled with products which offer wonderful results when it comes to dry skin and are full of the most beautiful ingredients.

If you read the post and go ‘Ooh I’d like to try some of these products’ then we’ve got a cheeky little 10% off code you can use on full sized products – Just use the code ‘blog13′ at the checkout for your discount.

It was clear, from the moment the package arrived that I would like the concept and philosophy behind this brand, regardless of how good the products were. The set itself is really generous, though, offering up 6 travel sized products and a big, beautifully soft flannel to help keep your little one clean and well moisturised.
Each of the bottled products contains 30ml of product and the little jar has 10 ml in it – We’ve used the set three times and I think that there’s at least 7 more uses out of all of them, and a couple of them will still be going considerably longer than that, even. I wasn’t sure about the flannel, at first, as the design didn’t make it look too soft but, actually, it’s lovely for both body and face.

As well as the flannel we’ve got ‘splashy wash’, ‘fresh locks shampoo’, ‘cheeky cream’, ‘baba oil’, ‘spritz and wipe’and ‘huggy lotion’ - I love the names, they’re all sensible enough that you know what they are but they’ve still got that cute, kiddy fun side to them too.

The ’splashy wash’ has the most divine scent to it which is just what you want in this sort of product. The website lists that it is a 2-in-1 product and can be used for face and body but, thus far, we’ve used it for body only. It only took a small amount to cover my less than small, almost four-year-old and it lathered up a little as I rubbed it in. My favourite thing about this item is the scent, though, it was invigorating and just lovely.

The scent of lavender really comes through in the ‘fresh locks shampoo’ and it has a beautifully soothing effect, not that anything really works to soothe by boy but that’s because he’s a crazy pre-schooler and unless he’s asleep he’s not calm! The shampoo, though, lathered up beautifully and his hair was really really nice and clean after the wash.

Although the pot of ‘cheeky cream’ is only small I think it’ll last me ages as my boy doesn’t get nappy rash very often, but if your little one gets it more regularly then maybe it wouldn’t last you as long. This product can be used for the hands and face, too, but it was so good on the bottom that I think I’ll carry on using it for that. As luck had it Ethan had some soreness when we were trialling the set so I used the cream and the next morning it had all cleared up – The cream feels really think but it still sinks in Really nicely to the skin. It’s clear that the almond oil and shea butter have a great moisturising effect along side the beeswax and carnuba wax as a barrier – It did wonders for my boy.

Very excited to be running a bath so that he can use his new bath things.
We’ve not had any reason to use the ‘spritz and wipe’ spray, yet, but I did apply it to the back of my hand to see what it was like and the fresh zesty scent was lovely. It’s supposed to cleanse, moisturise, freshen and tone the skin and I can believe it’ll do that fantastically as the back of my hand felt lovely after applying it. I think we’ll be keeping this in our going out bag for sticky hand times or if Mummy wants a cheeky cooling spritz!
The ‘huggy lotion’ and the ‘baba oil’ are the two products that have worked just fantastically for us. I mentioned Ethan’s orange peel textured skin and it’s there that I tried this out. After his bath I applied the lotion followed by the oil and the improvement in the skin has been fantastic. The bumpy, raised skin hasn’t totally gone but it feels So much softer, Some of the bumps have gone and a good deal of the redness has gone too – See my before and after pics, for a rough idea (haha unintentional pun!)




Bumps vastly reduced, a lot less redness and it’s SO much smoother and softer even on days that no cream or oil have been applied.
All in all I’m really impressed with the set. For £15 you get a really nice range of products to try out, or to take when you’re going on holiday. You’ve got a product for everything and they all do a really good job so when you factor in the fact that the range, as a whole, is between 97-100% natural (depending on the item) and free from a Long list of nasties (as you can see on the main page HERE) you can see that you’ve got a gem of a set right there. This may well be a go to for gifts when friends have babies as I’m sure they’ll appreciate something that’ll be so gentle with their little ones. And even though my little one is a lot bigger now, I still anticipate wanting to buy the oil, at very least, in the future if it continues making Ethan’s skin as good as it has been.

“A handy little bag which contains everything I’ll need to stay fresh & clean while I’m in hospital”

My hospital bag (or actually, suitcase)

maternity hospital bag what to pack

  • Flip flops. Good for walking around in labour and also for showering afterwards
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, hairbands, clips and deodorant. Because I’d always pack those things if I’m going to stay somewhere anyway. (Hairbands come in particularly useful though!).
  • Miamoo travel goodies set. This is a handy little bag which contains everything I’ll need to stay fresh and clean while I’m in hospital. It has a splashy wash, fresh locks shampoo, ‘huggy lotion’, ‘cheeky cream’, spritz and wipe and baba oil – plus a lovely flannel too. Because its paraben, SLS, colour and fragrance free it’s all suitable for babies too – which means that I don’t mind that I’ll have been using them when I have some lovely skin to skin cuddles with Pippin. It’s intended as a three step process (cleanse, moisturise, and massage) and although I suspect I’ll only really get to step two at the most if I’m lucky the small size of each item means that they all fit neatly into my bag without taking up lots and lots of unnecessary space.

miamoo travel goodies set


“Something for everyone…”

The miamoo skincare products are said to be 98.5% naturally derived which is great news for dry skins sufferers like we are. The products are suitable for both Mummy and Baby and can be used on newborn skin from birth.

The travel goodies came in a clear zipped up waterproof pouch and inside were travel sized bottles of fresh locks shampoo, splashy wash, baba oil, spritz and wipe and huggy lotion. Also included in the pouch was a tub of cheeky cream and a cotton flannel. I love the sizes of the travel bottles, at 30ml they are perfect for mini breaks away and ideal for those travelling abroad and taking on board as hand luggage.

miamoo contents


One of the first things I do with all smellies is to open them and smell the aroma. I love to take in a whiff of the fragrance and the miamoo goodies smell really lovely. My favourites include the lime water and minerals spritz and wipe and lemon oil and aloe vera splashy wash.

miamoo recommend that their products are used as part of a skincare regime and offer a 3-step plan to prevent and heal dry skin. I really like the clear packaging on the travel goodies with useful tips and recommendations when to use a particular product, for example, Step 1 Cleanse, Step 2 Moisturise, Step 3 Massage.

I have used the miamoo goodies on Little Mr’s skin for just over a week now and not only does his skin smell really clean, it’s beautifully soft and irritation-free. I like that you don’t have to use all the products at the same time to get results. We’ve been using the splashy wash in the bath and it creates a fabulous foamy bubble bath that really helps to clean Little Mr’s skin and is fun to play with. The fresh locks shampoo is great for working up a good lather and rinses out quite well. Once out of the bath, we’ve used both the huggy lotion and cheeky cream (not at the same time!) on his skin and I prefer to use the huggy lotion as that can be used on both his face and body.



Anyone with a wriggly one year old will know how testing it is just to change nappies at this age so unfortunately we’ve not been able to keep little Mr still enough to use the baba oil.  I love the range of products as there is something for everyone but I would love a soothing lip balm (obviously just for Mummy)