“I am so thankful to miamoo for giving me the courage not to use the hydrocortisone cream”

I was sent a miamoo Travel Set to try on Master A. Master A has eczema and has only been using prescription products so far. His eczema was getting worse and because I was frightened to try anything else other than what the doctor gave me, we ended up having to get him some hydrocortisone cream. I only put the cream on him once and only in a test patch. I hated the fact that he had to have this. However as said, I only put it on him once and in one place as after tweeting that I am testing miamoo on the parts that are not red raw, miamoo tweeted back to say that I really should use the miamoo products all over and not use the hydrocortisone cream. So that I did. I followed the steps recommended to me and we use four out of the six products religiously. Even though Master A is not at the moment completely free of eczema, I think something is irritating him and after speaking to miamoo, they recommended washing balls, which I will be ordering today, as you can see in this picture, it is working. Working more than what the hydrocortisone would do in such a short space of time. This is after three days, all thanks to the miamoo routine:

beforeandaftermiamoo 300x150 miamoo travel set review

The routine that we have been following, which has been recommended by miamoo is
1) Exfoliating wash – I have been using splashy wash for washing Master A’s body and hair. However I have also started to use fresh locks on his hair as it contains lavender and as I mostly bath Master A in the evening, that should help send him to sleep!
2) Moisturise I use huggy lotion during the day and treat the bad areas with cheeky cream
3) Massage – I apply baba oil all over Master A at night time, every night!

What you can’t really see in the pictures is that Master A’s neck was totally red raw. Now, perfectly normal skin. He does get a little flare up but that is because he is teething but the red patch on his tummy is so much better. It was really rough to feel and is now smooth.

If I had to choose a favourite, goodness me, I love four of them and I really like the rest but I especially love the baba oil as that is the product that benefits Master A the most as not only does it heal his skin, it also gives us a bit of time to properly bond and make him all relaxed. It has lavender in it, so that is good for his sleeping.

I really love miamoo. I would recommend anyone that has eczema to try the whole range and the travel set is perfect for this. I am now going to buy four out of the six products straight away and perhaps later on, will buy the rest. I am so thankful to miamoo for giving me the courage not to use the hydrocortisone cream. I didn’t want to use it but really did think that this was the only thing that would make Master A’s eczema better. I was definitely wrong and I am so happy I was wrong.

miamoo is the best skincare routine for Master A and his eczema. This makes me a very happy mum!


“cheeky cream worked it’s magic!”

We have recently tried out the miamoo travel goodies set, I was really excited to try these as both G and I suffer from sensitive skin. The review was perfectly timed for us going to London for Britmums Live too so we packed them to try out that week.

So to start with G tried the splashy wash in the bath, bath time is his favourite time of the day and he wasn’t disappointed with the splashy wash, a small drop produced a very large amount of bubbles! The splashy wash itself was gentle on his skin which is the most important part and I noticed after the bath his skin wasn’t as dry and flaky as it normally would be.

G also tried out the fresh locks 3 in 1 wash to wash his hair in the bath, you really do only need a tiny drop of this to lather up the hair and give it a good clean. The only thing I would change about it would be the addition of some conditioner to reduce tangles; G has always had very thick and wild hair. But his hair does feel silky soft after using the shampoo which is great.

Once he was all dried we tried the huggy lotion, G enjoyed this part as he loves massage and having creams rubbed onto his skin. He is in his element at the moment with the sun cream coming out most days! G really liked the huggy lotion as did I; it has a lovely smell and soaks into the skin nicely. I tried the huggy lotion myself too and it feels very soothing on the skin and doesn’t leave any greasy residue.

G doesn’t often need nappy cream as we use cloth nappies but we tried out the cheeky cream on a sore patch of skin and it worked its magic!

I tried the spritz and wipe, it feels very refreshing which is lovely in the heat at the moment or if you are travelling long distance. However I did find this left a slight greasy feeling to my skin so I needed to use a wet cloth to wipe over the skin after spraying.

Finally G loves the baba oil obviously as it’s something else to have rubbed into the skin and if G is happy then I am happy!

The travel pack includes a clear zip fastening bag to fit all of the above items in and a cotton wash cloth. At £15 as a treat for a mini break away or a hospital bag the set is good value.

Overall we really liked the miamoo range, it’s gentle on sensitive skin, has a nice smell and the products are packed with natural ingredients.

You can get 10% off all full price miamoo products at www.miamoo.co.uk by adding the voucher code Blog13 at checkout.

Follow @miamooskincare on Twitter or miamoo on Facebook to find out the latest news from miamoo and details of their latest offers.

Read my full post and have a look at the fantastic before/after photos here!  http://mummywhiskers.co.uk/2014/07/01/miamoo-travel-goodies-set/


“I defy any mummy not to buy the fresh locks forever more once they’ve smelt it”

Before I gave birth, I was sent a miamoo travel kit to review. The dinky travel sizes seemed just perfect for my hospital bag so in it went, crammed in between the breast pads and spare knickers ready for my post-birth shower. Owing to the fact I ended up having an emergency c-section and staying on the ward for 3 days, they were even more essential than I first thought!

083 In my hospital bag: miamoo skincare

First things first, what’s miamoo?

miamoo is a skincare range created by the lovably gobby Saira Khan from the Apprentice. Having suffered from dry and sensitive skin all her life, her products are born out of her desire to bring a truly natural skincare range to market. She goes to great pains to debunk myths surrounding products that claim to be natural and organic, and explains that miamoo has as many natural ingredients as are humanly possible. I love the brand ethos which is refreshingly honest and simple.

Saira Khan In my hospital bag: miamoo skincare

As a result, the products are suitable for the whole family and none of the following can be found in any miamoo product:

  • Parabens
  • Petrochemicals
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
  • Synthetic Colour/Frangrance
  • PEGS

What’s included?

The travel set contains 6x 30ml products; splashy wash, fresh locks, baba oil, huggy lotion, spritz & wipe and cheeky cream. All this came in a neat little perspex case with a cotton cloth. Being miniatures, they’re perfect for taking as hand luggage on aeroplanes, and they’re neat and contained to save you space for other travel essentials.

First Impressions…

I won’t pretend the bottles are anything to coo over, but for £15 you are getting a great little handy set. There’s everything you need in there for a long weekend away or, in my case, a few days stuck in a recovery ward. The smell is out of this world with dozens of essential oils that give you a real lift when you’re feeling a little yukky. I had my post section strip wash with these products and was so grateful that everything was to hand so it was as quick and as painless as possible. I also showered in the hospital when my wound was sufficiently healed. I felt really relaxed afterwards and much more human.

Needless to say, I didn’t feel up to exploring the products in any great detail with a beautiful newborn baby to stare at. So I retrieved the set from my hospital bag when I got home and have been using them on Dexter for the last few weeks.

076 In my hospital bag: miamoo skincare

The splashy wash

With lemon oil to cleanse and soya bean, aloe vera, jojoba, chamomile and Vitamin E extracts to moisturise the skin – the splashy wash smells light and fresh. Gentle enough to be used on the face as well as the body, it leaves Dexter smelling fabulous. With a bit of thrashing about from Dex, it also creates dozens of bubbles to keep little ones happy. Although Dex isn’t a sufferer, it’s also suitable for those with eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

Best bit? It’s not extortionately priced. At £6 for the full size (200mls) if your child has sensitive skin, this could well be the answer to your prayers.

fresh locks 3 in 1

This was my favourite product. The smell is divine with lavender to calm any itchiness, and aloe vera, jojoba, soya bean, rosemary, silk and vitamin E to moisturise. As it’s so gentle, it’s also safe for little faces and bodies. Ar £6 again, it’s well worth the money as Dexter smells heavenly after his baths. A little goes a long way and I’ll definitely be buying this again.

As with all miamoo skincare products, it’s also tear-free. We can definitely testify to this, can’t we Dex?!

dexsplash In my hospital bag: miamoo skincare

The baba oil

This is hailed as miamoo’s ‘hero product’. Despite the name it’s suitable for everyone in the family and can be applied all over (including hair if you have dry and sore scalp). It absorbs into the skin quickly so you’re not wandering around in your birthday suit for fear of staining your clothes. As you’ll inevitably use less of this, it’s available in 125ml for £7.50.

The smell is much more subtle for this one with sweet almond , sesame seed, lavender oils and vitamin E. It’s really effective at dealing with sores and dry patches on Dexie and his skin is markedly improved after use. My only criticism would be that the travel size comes in a plastic spray which is a little irritating if you’re trying to use it covertly on a toddler. Dexter gets way too excited and wants to spray himself which has ended in the odd time-out.

huggy lotion

Mixed results with the huggy lotion if I’m being brutally honest. It’s non greasy and light and sinks into the skin easily, but I’d question whether it provides the intensive moisturisation it claims to. I tried it on my legs after shaving and it didn’t keep them from drying out throughout the day. It’s £5 for 125mls too which is curious given it’s a staple product you’re bound to use frequently – it should be available in a bigger size.

Nevertheless, it’s great for Dexie’s post-bath massage and his skin continues to be as lovely as ever. Again, the smell is much more subtle with this one as the lavender is missing (orange flower water, sweet almond oil, marshmallow extract, wheat protein, silk and jojoba seed oil).

index2 In my hospital bag: miamoo skincare spritz & wipe

Love this. It was a perfect pick-me-up during labour and had a calming effect too – great given I was in for the worst labour imaginable. It has so many uses too – a detangler on hair, a cleanser , a toner and a spritz. It has an energising effect on skin and instantly cools leaving you nice and refreshed. The smell is heavenly too with limewater, bitter orange extract, Vitamin E and complex minerals (magnesium, copper, iron and silicon).

At £5 for 125ml, I’ve trialled spritzes at nearly double this price that aren’t as effective.

cheeky cream

Finally, there’s a barrier cream that can be applied to the face, hands and baby’s bottoms, the cheeky cream. This absorbs beautifully and does exactly what it says on the tin. A great natural alternative to Sudocrem it’s fabulous for delivering quick relief to sore bums and chapped hands.



The only product I wouldn’t clamber over my own mother to buy is the huggy lotion. Otherwise it’s an essential kit that made life in hospital a much nicer experience. Oh and I defy any mummy not to buy the fresh locks forever more once they’ve smelt it.

What’s more, I’m delighted top offer my readers 10% off at www.miamoo.co.uk using the code Blog13 (available on all full priced product)- happy shopping!

As you might expect from a media savvy Apprentice star, Saira is social media’ed up! You can find out more on Facebook and Twitter.

- See more at: http://mymillsbaby.co.uk/2014/07/review-miamoo-skincare/#sthash.uhSYMXOm.dpuf

“Packed full of good stuff!”

So at the beginning of June I was excited when this arrived in the post..
This is a lovely miamoo travel pack.  This travel pack contains travel size 98.5%-100% naturally derived skin treats which are free from harsh ingredients and help to protect and heal dry skin.  Poor Joel suffers from dry and itchy skin.  Now that the summer and the shorts are out Joel can sometimes be found scratching away at his wee legs.  In particular it seems to flare up behind his knees, the bottom of his neck and base of his back.


I was very interested to try out these products as I was hoping all those lovely naturally derived ingredients would prevent irritation to his skin, or even better, improve his skin condition.
This travel pack contains 5 pocket size potions which can be used as stand alone products but all fit together to form part of themiamoo recommended 3 step routine;
STEP 1 – Exfoliating Wash
-fresh locks 3-in-1 wash
-splashy wash for body and bath
-spritz and wipe
STEP 2 – Moisturise
-huggy lotion
-cheeky cream
STEP 3 – Massage
-baba oil
So we packed our travel pack in our suitcase and off we went on our holidays!
We went to Donegal and were very lucky with the weather.  We spent the whole week on the beach.  Joel loved exploring the new territory but his skin was exposed to the elements, sea, sand and sun!
By then end of the day he was rosy cheeked and exhausted and deserved a cosy bath to relax before bed.
I was impressed with the splashy wash, it has a lovely fresh and zesty scent and creates lovely bubbles in the bath.  The scent is fresh and natural and lovely change from some of the other sickly sweet and over perfumed products I have experienced before.  I have to say thats one of the top features of the miamoo range, the lovely natural and fresh scents.  They smell like they are packed full of good stuff!
Here is the bathing beauty himself giving the fresh locks 3-in-1 wash ingredients the once over to ensure there are no nasties.
Post bath cosiness preparation with baba oil and cheeky cream ready to go!
The thick and creamy cheeky cream was used on the particularly dry and itchy bits.
And the baba oil was used for general all over pampering.  Joel and I attended baby massage when he was teeny and I was my favourite class I ever went to with him.  Joel is also known for lounging on his granny’s knee while getting his feet rubbed.  A massage with the baba oil was a lovely wind down to bed time for Joel and he really enjoyed the one and one quiet time attention.   This was my favourite product from the travel pack and one I will be rushing to purchase again once our mini one runs out.  Not only was it great for moisturising and relaxing Joel after the bath but it was also useful for treating my silly sunburn!!!
Silly sunburn – too busy trying to trick Joel into keeping his sun hat on to make sure I didn’t get burnt – Doh!
The huggy lotion made it into my handbag.  It is great for after-bath moisturising but I much prefer the baba oil for that moment.  The huggy lotion is great for general moisturising on the go.  The spray action lid makes it easy to dispense.  I have popped it on Joel’s cheeks when they looked a bit dry after his week of beach living, I have stolen a squirt to moisturise my hands and I have discovered its a great base for smoothly applied make-up.
After his massage Joel crawled up the bed and under the covers and hugged into the pillow, a very relaxed and happy baby.


If you are interested in trying out the miamoo range here is a discount code for 10% off.  Just enter Blog13 at the checkout.  The travel pack is a great way to try all the miamoo range has to offer.  However my favourite products had to be the baba oil and the huggy lotion.


“Cooling spray used to be all the rage 5 years ago – spritz and wipe is even better!”

I was recently sent a travel goodies* set from skincare company miamoo to review for my readers!  I have been trying it out for the last three weeks and feel that I can now let you know how I’ve found using these new products.
The travel goodies* set contains miniature sizes of all of the miamoo products which are designed for dry and sensitive skin, they help to “cherish delicate skin with the finest natural ingredients”.  I’ve been looking for new skincare for a while so was really excited by the prospect of trying out these 98% natural products especially to see how they helped with the moisture of my skin as I find mine to often be dehydrated and dry.  Whilst yes, these products are mainly targeted at baby skin, they focus on moisture and protecting delicate skin which I believed would be great for my skin which was in need of some TLC.
miamoo is based on a three step process – think Clinique but with more to each stage!  First you start off with your cleansing for which fresh locks shampoo, splashy wash and spritz and wipe are recommended, then your moisturising – huggy lotion and cheeky cream, and then finally massage for which the baba oil is provided.  The travel goodies* also come with a Flannel for you to use which I mainly used with my spritz and wipe.
So how did I use the products?  As with all skincare, there were certain products I got on with a lot better than others and three especially which will now be staples in my skincare routine.  To start with, I’d remove my make-up at the end of the day using my usual process of a Johnson’s babywipe and Bioderma to take off my eye make-up.  Following this I’d lather up some splashy wash and rub all over my face, once worked in for around a minute I then just rinsed this off with some warm water and towel dried my face.
I then followed this with spritz and wipe which I guess you could compare to using as a toner.  Spray onto the face from a distance and then wipe off with the damp Flannel.  I also found myself using spritz and wipe throughout the day too – remember that cooling spray that used to be all the rage about 5 years ago?  spritz and wipe is even better!  On no make-up days which have been fairly often at the moment due to the nice weather, if I felt my skin getting a bit dry or dirty then I’d simply spray on some in order to freshen up.
Next in the process I used the two moisturisers which are provided in the travel goodies* kit.  There is no recommendation as to when to use so with a bit of trial and error I worked out what was best for my skin.  I decided that the huggy lotion was great for the mornings after a quick cleanse of the face before applying my make-up and the cheeky creamwas a more intense moisturiser which I applied before bed every night.  It was really noticeable from the onset how much of a difference these were making to my skin – the softness was not only there just after moisturising but stayed afterwards and even with make-up on all day my skin still felt soft.  I also noticed dry patches such as my chin clearing up leaps and bounds since using these moisturisers.  It looks like I’ve found a solution to my skin dehydration problem!
The final stage in the skincare three step was massage.  I’d never tried using an oil on my skin before and so was a bit apprehensive about what to do and how to use the baba oil but I have to say this is my new saviour and my absolute favourite product from the range.  After moisturising before bed I pumped a small bit of this out onto my hands and rubbed between my palms, distributed it evenly all over my face – with concentration on dry patches – and then left it to sink in.  WOW, that’s all I can say!  Out of the entire range I’m led to believe this will be my constant repurchase for years to come and also become a staple item in my skincare routine along with spritz and wipe and also the cheeky cream.

“Frankly, I was amazed!”


Today I have an exciting review of miamoo products, I was kindly sent their ‘travel goodies’ pack which RRP’s at £15. So keep reading to find out more about the individual products and a 3 step process :)

miamoo travel goodies set natural skincare baby children products shampoo wash
miamoo travel goodies set natural skincare baby children products shampoo wash
miamoo travel goodies set natural skincare baby children products shampoo wash
miamoo travel goodies set natural skincare baby children products shampoo wash
miamoo travel goodies set natural skincare baby children products shampoo wash


splashy wash – Citrus Body Wash

fresh locks – Soothing Shampoo

baba oil – Lavender & Almond Oil

huggy lotion – Non Greasy Daily Moistoriser

spritz and wipe – Refreshing Citrus Spritz

cheeky cream – Natural Barrier Cream

Individually priced between £5-£7.50 for full size products.

Step By Step Process:

Step 1 Cleanse - fresh locks shampoo, splashy wash, spritz and wipe

Step 2 Moisturise - huggy lotion, cheeky cream, spritz and wipe

Step 3 Massage - baba oil


Everything I can say about these products are all positive :) As you can see Corey really enjoyed testing out the bits in the bath. Very happy 3.5 year old! We really had a chance to put these to the test too as Corey was soo grubby from Pre-School, he looked so squeaky clean after. They are so gentle and smooth from first touch right through to on the skin. A little goes along way. The splashy wash and fresh locks smell gorgeous, but I wasn’t keen on the rest of them for smell. Each product is made of as many natural products as can be, but of course to make it safe it does have some synthetic ingredients. The website is absolutely brilliant on describing all about this and completely reassured myself and I am sure many other parents in their products. On the Skint Dad Blog you can see a real difference the miamoo products made for dry sensitive skin on his daughter Chloe in just a matter of days, frankly I was amazed. I will be sure to carry on using these products and not a bad price either (listed above!) – a little more than store brought but for more natural and gentle products I am willing to pay the price.

Special Offer:

miamoo have offered readers a special 10% off at their website www.miamoo.co.uk off all full priced products, using the codeBlog13 at checkout.

So there you have it, my review on the miamoo products :) Be sure to check out their Facebook and Twitter. Which product intrigues you the most out of this set? Let me know what you decide to pick up from their online shop!

“Most oils I’ve tried are often a little greasy, but this one is just right”

When it comes to beauty, there is nothing that I am more obsessed with than skincare. You can have all the make-up in the world, but it’s all a bit tedious if you don’t look after your skin. As my skin is quite sensitive, I have to be wary of what I put on it. The one category of skincare products that I can usually rely on to be gentle is baby products.
miamoo was founded by Saira Khan, who some of you may know from the very first series of The Apprentice. I didn’t watch it back then but I did watch Beat The Boss, a BBC show that Saira hosted not long after taking part in The Apprentice, so it comes as no surprise that her entrepreneurial spirit resulted in her very own skincare brand being born.
The products on offer are high quality and kind to sensitive/dry skin and, although this is a baby skincare brand, Saira confesses that she actually uses the products on both herself and her children. Her passion to remind us all of the importance of good skincare is one that I can relate to myself.


The team at miamoo sent me the miamoo travel pack* to test out, containing travel sizes of all 6 of their products. With a handy clear waterproof pouch to store everything in, it’s easy to just pop this into your luggage when you’re heading off for a few days.


I quite like the miamoo logo, it’s not too fussy and it does it’s job. Some of my favourite skincare brands out there are the ones with simple packaging. I like to use a product if it’s good and it can get a little disheartening if I start to feel like I’m paying more for the packaging than the product. The little sketchy cows on the packaging are quite cute and I like how there are different colours for each product.
It is recommended that you follow the 3-step routine when using these products.


Step 1-Cleanse
fresh locks shampoo - This is a 3-in-1 face/body/hair wash. It is infused with a variety of good ingredients including lavender, aloe vera, and roesemary and it definitely smells good in the shower. I’m used to using 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioners so it was a bit of a change to use a shampoo on its own but it was surprisingly moisturising and left my hair nice and soft. The smell lingers for a while after as well.
splashy wash - This is a 2-in-1 face/body product. This has a subtle citrus smell to it which I was really fond of. I love fruity smells so this was perfect and it definitely helped to wake me up in the morning.
spritz and wipe - This spritz is filled with limewater and minerals to freshen, cleanse, moisturise and tone the skin. This is a nice refreshing product to use on the go when your skin needs a bit of a pick-me-up. I can’t really smell much fruitiness to it but I kind of like the fact that it’s almost scentless. I can’t see myself using this as a cleanser but it’s such a refreshing spritz to use when you’ve had a tired or stressful day. Definitely something to pop into my handbag! Scented spritzers normally make me feel a little queasy if I’m stressed out, so this one is much better.

Step 2 – Moisturise

huggy lotion - This is a 3-in-1 moisturiser for hands/body/face so it’s a great all-rounder. Loaded with good stuff, it is a dream to apply. The texture is almost quite watery so it glides on effortlessly and sinks in almost immediately. This is the kind of lotion that I’ve been waiting for! If you have sensitive skin and you just want something gentle that works, this is your product. It’s also an amazing hand cream and I’d choose this over any of my existing hand creams. I probably wouldn’t use this as a body lotion as it costs £5 for a 125ml product, that’s the size of my Simple Skincare moisturiser! It wouldn’t last very long! Great if you’re baby-sized though!
cheeky cream - Described as a “barrier cream”, this is thicker than the Huggy Lotion and it’s great for dry patches or for those who are prone to dry skin. I’ve been using this on the my elbows and the dry parts of my hands. Although it’s a thicker cream, it’s still quite light and absorbs very easily into the skin.
Step 3 – Massage
baba oil - This was the product that I was most intrigued about. I have gone through so many body oils and I think I’ve finally found the one! Containing ingredients such as sweet almond, lavender oils and Vitamin E, this is a truly nourishing and moisturising oil. It sinks in fast and leaves my skin soft to the touch. Most oils I’ve tried are often a little greasy but this one is just right.
Overall, I’m very impressed with miamoo as it’s been so gentle on my skin! The fact that most of the products are very low on scent is a bonus for me as there are too many artificial smelling skincare products out there that make me feel slightly nauseous.


“huggy lotion rubs in really quickly and leaves skin feeling nice and soft”

I was lucky enough to be chosen by miamoo to test and review for them in return for this they sent me a miamoo travel pack.


Firstly I will tell you about miamoo which was founded by Saira Khan who after suffering with dry skin for years researched into products and the end result was the making of miamoo, you can read lots more information about Saira and her findings herehttp://www.miamoo.co.uk/Our-story-s/1847.htm
I myself suffer from sensitive and sometimes dry skin, I tend to use baby products bath/wash etc the same ones that I use on my children as I find them a lot less irritating so i was looking forward to trying this out myself.
The set itself is very nicely packaged in a clear zip pouch ( great to re use after for keeping make up in or for baby change bag etc). The set contains inside:
splashy wash 30ml – refreshing citrus shower/body wash
fresh locks 30ml – soothing shampoo for shiny bouncy locks
baba oil 30ml – heavenly oil, great for hair, body and baby massage.
huggy lotion 30ml – a non greasy daily moisturiser
spritz and wipe 30ml – a refreshing citrus spritz packed with minerals that has multi uses
cheeky cream 30ml – a natural barrier cream great for adults and babies
There is a handy little 3 step routine on the back of the packaging as well.

plus there is a lovely flannel in there too, it retails for £15.00 and is great if you want to try out their products before committing to buying full size ones.  Also great to take for a short break or even in your hospital bag.

Now for my thoughts on the products themselves, I love the fact firstly that they are 99% natural and I know a lot of research went into them before they were produced.

fresh lock shampoo ( brimming with lavender & geranium) I found nice smelling not as strong as other baby shampoos but a nice subtle smell, you only need a little to make a lather and left hair feeling clean and fresh.

Splashy wash (brimming with lemon oil & aloe vera) doesnt have any smell to it and also lathers well to wash with, I found it pleasent on the skin and a nice clean feel after using it.

spritz and wipe ( overflowing with lime water & minerals) i used to spray on my aching legs and its actually really cooling and refreshing, im going to be popping this in my hospital bag.  also good for babys bottom and im sure I am going to find many other uses for this too.

baba oil (infused with lavender & sweet almond oil) once again a gentle smell great for giving baby, little ones or yourself a massage after, a little bit goes a long way too just warm up on your hands and away you go.

babba oil

huggy lotion (crammed with sweet almond & marshmallow extract) this as with all the other products has a very delicate barely there smell, is a nice texture neither too thick or thin. It rubs in really quickly and easily also leaving skin feeling nice and soft.

huggy lotion
huggy lotion

cheeky cream great for those sore little bums ( not had a chance to test it for this yet)  is not dissimilar to sudocrem in its texture and thickness and has a similar but more delicate fragrance.

I like all of the products and my favorites are  most definitely the spritz and wipe and the huggy lotion, I would defnitely buy these in a full size to use again.
If you are looking for natural products for yourself or little ones or are expecting I would highly recommend miamoo and this set is perfect for trying out there products, they have also given me a 10% discount code which you can use on all full priced products by entering Blog13 at the checkout.  You can visit their shop here http://www.miamoo.co.uk/Our-shop-s/1817.htm  I am sure you and your family will love their products as much as I do.


“The skin on her body is now soft like when she was a baby”

Chloe started suffering with very dry skin about a month before a family wedding last year. At first we thought it was due to milk catching under her chin but after feeding her differently and making sure we kept the area dry, nothing helped. So, we made a trip to the doctor.

Eczema! We’re not quite sure why are neither of us have suffered with eczema, nor the older children but, Chloe does.

The doctor gave us some heavy duty cream. It was very greasy, didn’t smell good and after a good week of using the stuff, it didn’t seem to help.

Chloe 6 months old

The wedding came and although she looked gorgeous (nearly as lovely as the bride), we weren’t able to shift the red rash.

It did start to clear up on it’s own and she went back to “normal” but a few months ago, her skin started to get very dry again and she got red blotches – under her legs this time – maybe it’s to do with the time of year?

Another trip to the doctor and he said to use the same cream we used on her last time, which we had loads of left but it didn’t solve anything.

On top of the cream we tried other options, we stopped using products in the bath, we stopped using any skin care products, we tried using different skins care products and keeping her skin open to the air all day long. None of this stopped her skin from drying out or stopping her rash being so raw.

And then, I suppose by chance, I was on Twitter and saw that Saira Khan (@IamSairaKhan) had retweeted a review of the skincare product miamoo. After reading the review I found out the product was excellent for dry skin conditions like eczema, over 98.5% natural and free from a wealth of harsh ingredients.

I mentioned to Saira about Chloe’s skin condition and she kindly offered to send a pack of travel goodies for us to try on Chloe. Well, it wouldn’t hurt.

As promised, a few days later a pack arrived on our doorstep. Chloe’s skin was as dry as ever and her back and stomach were also getting dryer and dryer.

With nothing to lose, I popped the pack open and was surprised to see how much you get in there.

You need to follow a 3 step routine – cleanse (pop her in the bath), moisturise (slap some cream on), then massage (tickle). It seemed easy enough.

miamoo products

Bath time came and I popped her into the water, this time with miamoo shampoo, splashy wash and spritz and wipe. Chloe had no issue with the shampoo and it didn’t seem to hurt her eyes. It smelt find and she giggled after spritzing her face clean.

Chloe in the bath

Out of the bath, it was time to dry off and so the next step. There’s a lotion which I used to cover pretty much her whole body, then the cheeky cream which was quite thick so I used it on the “problem” areas – particularly behind her legs and at the back of her neck.

Then more spritz. This stuff I loved. Every time I did it she giggled – I mean properly giggled. It’s quite cold but she loved the surprise of it hitting her skin so we played the game of me chasing her around the house threatening to spritz her!

By this time, Skint Mum wasn’t too pleased with me. It was bed time after all and I had spent the last 10 minutes chasing a tired toddler around the house, getting her hyped up before I handed over to Skint Mum to do the last of the bed time routine. To be fair, I do hype her up most nights so Skint Mum has nothing new to be annoyed about….

I let Skint Mum do step 3. This was massaging with baba oil. When she was on maternity leave, she did a mother and baby massage course with the local Sure Start centre. It was nice watching them massage most evenings but when the oil ran out, we didn’t replace it and the massages phased out.

Now we had this massage oil, Skint Mum was really happy to have some time to connect with Chloe again and it relaxed her and settled her so bed time went smoothed that we had expected.

The next morning, Chloe’s skin was softer. I was slightly amazed how quickly this stuff was working so we carried on.

We didn’t do the whole routine everyday as there are quite a lot of products to use and it does take a bit of time but, I used the cheeky cream through the day, and chased Chloe every now and then with the spritz clean her sticky fingers!

The skin on her body is now soft like when she was a baby. She is still marked behind her knee but the dryness has gone and you can see that it’s becoming like normal skin again, not scabby and weeping like it was before.


I am really happy with the miamoo products and will continue to use them on Chloe.


“splashy wash has such a gorgeous and relaxing scent”

I was recently sent a lovely little travel set from miamoo to try out some of their skin care range for babies and toddlers. miamoo was created after the founder, Saira, suffered with years of extremely poor dry skin and wanted to find something to soothe all her problems away. After doing a lot of research Saira worked very closely with manufactures, chemists, approved all the formulations and tested them out on her own troubled skin and created the brand miamoo.
I was very excited to try these out on Darcie. She suffers with dry skin and often gets patches of eczema, we have tried lots of different products and brands to try get that “baby soft” skin back.
When I received the items I couldn’t help but fall in love with the logo design!
Inside the travel bag it includes;
splashy wash 30ml – refreshing citrus shower/body wash
fresh locks 30ml – soothing shampoo for shiny bouncy locks
baba oil 30ml – heavenly oil, great for hair, body and baby massage.
huggy lotion 30ml – a non greasy daily moisturiser
spritz and wipe 30ml – a refreshing citrus spritz packed with minerals that has multi uses
cheeky cream 30ml – a natural barrier cream great for adults and babies
All priced at £15.
This set is great if you want to try out all the products before buying the full size options.
I had high hopes for these products and tested them out as soon as we received them! Saira recommends a 3 step routine to help prevent and heal dry skins
1) Exfoliating wash
-fresh locks shampoo
-splashy wash for body & bath
-spritz and wipe
2) Moisturise
- huggy lotion
- cheeky cream
3) Massage
- baba oil
We followed the steps and we fell in love with some of the products instantly.
We found the splashy wash, had such a gorgeous and relaxing scent (ingredients include lemon oil, soya bean, aloe vera, jojoba, chamomile and Vitamin E) but still managed to get all toddler messes off with ease.
We also found the spritz & wipe such a handy product. It can be used as a detangler on hair, a cleanser, a toner and a spritz. I quite liked spritzing on my face, I instantly felt refreshed and relaxed. This would be amazing in the summer!
Lastly I really enjoyed the baba oil, Darcie loved a little massage after the bath even now at almost two. It was really moisturising and had a calming effect on the skin.
I would recommend any mummy’s/ mummy’s to be give this a whirl. This kit would be a great addition to any hospital bag or would make a lovely baby shower gift.